Letter from Steve Moyer

Anyone in the Vermont area, here's a candidate worth checking out. His website actually states that he believes there was a conspiracy to invade and occupy Iraq. The fact that he's willing to use that word shows he has some courage. Unfortunately, from what I've read, he does not believe the democrats share in any of the blame.

Hello. I'm a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Vermont and
I support the truth about 9-11 and everything else that's
gone on in our Republican-dominated government.

Let's speak the truth to each other. Any chairman of any
committee in Congress could launch an investigation into
any one of the number of high crimes committed by the Bush
administration .... and they all steadfastly refuse to do so.

All that is required for evil to triump is for good men to do nothing.

We need to remove the Republicans from power at every level of
government because they refuse to investigate the truth,
the refuse to speak the truth and they refuse to support the
truth. They have systematically deceived the American people.
Without the truth democracy fails.

If you voted for Republicans in the last election I want you
to search you soul for who is responsible for this mess.
You are! So stop voting republican. It's that simple.

Go and sin no more.

Steve Moyer

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