Terror suspect to speak in Northern Virginia

Dr. M. Yaqub Mirza, a suspected money launderer and terrorist financer, will speak tomorrow at Shenandoah University in Northern Virginia.

For several years, Dr. Mirza has been at the center of the nation's largest terrorism-financing investigation, allegedly using a web of corporations, charities, and other organizations to launder money for terrorist activities overseas and in the United States.

...Yaqub Mirza directed the ‘SAAR network’, a complex web of charities, think tanks, and businesses based in Northern Virginia. Federal agents raided dozens of the group’s offices and homes in March of 2002, nearly all of which were run by Mirza.

Although is has gone drastically underreported in the mainstream media, the network under investigation, in addition to having connections to the “Golden Chain” of al-Qaeda financers, also has intimate links to the U.S. government...

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