911 DVD Projects Dr Tom on Kevin Barretts Radio show

From Scholars for 911 Truth website


18 December 2006
Interview: Tom Tvedten, physician and 9/11 truth activist,
aka "The DVD Johnny Appleseed of 9/11 Truth", will be the guest of Kevin Barrett on "The Dynamic Duo"
3-5 PM/CT, Genesis Communications Network, gcnlive.com http://www.greatconspiracy.ca/

Under Action Items (Top left of page) "Inexpensive DVDs for Bulk Distribution"

Our Project leader Dr Tom will be discussing with Kevin Barrett the www.911dvdproject.com and will be
talking about activism, the DVDs we have available, DVD distribution, and more. Listen in and check it out.

We have now have burned and shipped about 10,000 DVDs in 2 months without much advertising.
We are now taking pre-paid orders of 100 DVDs for $50 (shipping included). Many of our orders are repeat
orders of bulk quantity. Check us out and pass it on!