The 9/11 Action Net Has Been Updated...

The 9/11 Action Net at has been updated with new features.

From the welcome page:

"Since September of 2001, a wave of information and questions contrary to and critical of the official (deceitful) story of the U.S. terror attacks of the 11th has swept the planet and continues to grow. Substantial doubt rightfully exists in the minds of many and concerted mobilizations are possible for launching effort to force a democratically designed "people's" investigation of the attacks into court to uncover the full truth about 9/11 and mark what we uncover as historical and scientific fact in the records of the world. To that effect, this site has been established to design and implement a truly democratic panel of investigation by September 11, 2007. As such, 9/11 Action Net consists of the following five elements:

Welcome - The page you are reading right now.

9/11 Truth Activist Directory - User-entered individual and group listings for easy networking between 9/11 Truth activists.

9/11 Truth Campaign Index - This index catalogues user-submitted action campaigns including boycotts; internet-, phone- and mail-based campaigns; leaflettings; marches/rallies; sit-ins; vigils and other forms of nonviolent symbolic and direct action in furtherance of the search for and exposure of the truth regarding the supposed terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, in New York City and Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

People's Truth Poll - In the style of the family members' pooled (and unasked) questions for the 2002-2004 commission, this poll collects directives from 9/11 Truth activists to demand of those potentially implicated in the events of 9/11.

Blog - This web log features updates, notifications and commentary on the doings of 9/11 Action Net and those who employ it.

Because this site requires little funding, it is suggested that financial support is better directed to your neighbors' or to your own activities in purchasing DVDs, stamps, newspaper ads, press conference buffet food, et cetera. If you support the work of the site, please place a link to the 9/11 Action Net on any websites you or your compatriots be in charge of..."

Constructive comments and questions concerning this site may be directed to 911action (@) 911action (.) net. If you wish to use PGP encryption, please use 911action (@) hushmail (.) com or 911action (@) anonmail (.) de (PGP public keys at