Campaign Index Updates for 9/11 Action Net, January 24, 2007

Below are recent additions to the 9/11 Action Net Campaign Index ( and reminders of previously posted upcoming campaigns.

All listings are entered by the activists themselves so if you have an idea for activism relating to "9/11 Truth", or simply want to put your contact information in the directory, visit to make an entry.

If you wish to contribute but the browser you are using does not support e-mail forms, please type up your responses and send them to 911action (@) 911action (.) net. If you wish to use PGP encryption, please use 911action (@) hushmail (.) com (PGP public key at

Campaign Index Recent Entries:
Name: DC911truth Leafletting
Description: On Saturday, January 27, at 9:00 a.m. [DC911truth] will meet on the National Mall, in front of the capitol building. Bring your own outreach materials, flyers, banners, DVDs etc. Look for the dc911truth table on the mall, at the end of the mall nearest the Capitol, near the American Indian Museum. We will have DVDs, flyers, information cards, buttons, banners, books, magazines, newspapers and all sorts of 9/11truth materials. Look for the black and red banner, the 911ShareTheTruth table or any of the many other 9/11truth tables
Location: National Mall, Washington, DC
Date/Time: Saturday, January 27, 9:00 a.m.
Contact/Links:,, Matt Sullivan (301) 654-2308

Other Campaigns
Name: DC911truth Congressional Lobbying
Description: Lobby your congressperson and Senators after Sunday's training with United for Peace and Justice.
Location: Washington, DC
Date/Time: Monday, January 29
Contact/Links:,, Matt Sullivan (301) 654-2308

Reminder of Upcoming Campaigns:
Name: Denver to D. C. Walk for the Truth
Description: A walk from Denver, Colorado, to Washington, D.C. with rallies in the state capitols of Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania to "present a petition of Grievances to the President of the United States and ask for a clear plan of withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as his resignation...seeking Congress to exercise its separation of power in demanding a clear plan of withdraw in the middle east, assigning a truly independent council to investigate the unanswered questions surrounding 9-11, and hold the executive branch responsible for flagrant and wanton violations of the Geneva Convention, International Law, The Bill of Rights, and criminal law".
Location: Denver, Colorado, U. S. A.
Date/Time: Start Date: February 1, 2007
Contact/Links: "Brother Raymond", 970-988-4929,