Jersey Girls petition...among others....Sign Now

Dear Patriots,

A few minutes of your time could just reap rewards that benefit so many more of the global community. So act now please!

No matter your personal stance on the events of 9/11, the world gave its sympathy that fateful day to the victims and the grieving. The international community was behind America in the sorrow of the atrocity…..SO WHERE R THEY NOW???

The victim’s families continue to fight for closure over the events and to raise global awareness of their plight. &

All the while wars are being waged in the name of 9/11 at the expense of innocence, whilst future wars are pending for the spread of ‘freedom and democracy.’

From certain viewpoints, the very freedoms of the people of sovereign nations have become downtrodden internationally and not from the Terrorists who supposedly hate them so much but from the very policy makers of these wars, in the name of ‘security’.


The ‘JERSEY GIRLS’ have had a petition up for sometime, to pressure the release of classified documents pertaining to potential foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, in the form of 3 documents.


PLEASE take a few minutes to add your name.

In the name of the pursuit of truth, justice, closure and the uniting of the people of the world once again, behind a terrible tragedy that has led to far, far more losses since, both foreign and domestic. As a patriot that is your duty, to protect people from oppression from wherever or whatever guise it may take the form of.

These documents represent further evidence for examination in the public domain, to ascertain what went wrong and how it can be prevented in future. The 9/11 families have a right to know what happened, why they lost loved ones, who was responsible and why. Whilst the families in Afghanistan and Iraq have a right to know why they were invaded, on what evidence and whether it was justified.

Do the right thing and sign their petition here : ( 9167 )

“In addition I should like to state from a personal viewpoint that if these numbers have not risen to the required total within a week, then the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ should be ‘ASHAMED OF ITSELF’ and really isn’t moving at all”

“Stop bickering over theories and unite behind getting further evidence released for scrutiny. For heavens sake, this is the families of 9/11 that need answers, this is the lives of fallen soldiers on all sides in these conflicts and the lives of countless (uncounted) civillians……possibly on the basis of faulty intel, cover-ups, or far more sinister revelations “

Only further evidence will tell.

Yours faithfully

Rufus Middleton
Manchester Truth Campaign (
The Peoples United Collective (
Scholars for Truth (sm)

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Stop the War also has an online petition, signed by Tony Benn, a number of Iranian exiles and MPs such as Clare Short, Mark Fisher and Jeremy Corbyn. We want as many people as possible to sign the petition prior to it being handed into Tony Blair at Downing Street. Signatures are already flooding in. To sign, people simply email the Stop the War office with the subject heading "Iran".