RFC: 9/11 Truth Internet Censorship Secure Encrypted Clue Interpolation Project

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.. Rev. M L King

[Following a major attack].. "Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve it's political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under surveillence and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits." Zbigniew Brzezinski (CIA Mafia Conservatist Oligarch/State Dept. 80's Mujihadeen-manufacturing, OBL "fight for your God" Bush-Reagan co-plotting madman...

Case in Point:

If one goes to the website of a Mighty-Wurlitzer MI6-CIA mafia controlled news outlet in America (and by now many of it's co-conspiratorial 'allies') one will find that knowledgeable fascist mafiosi have lazily pre-programmed systematic, deliberate keyword-context censorship "blocking filters" or outright "blackhole blocks" into their search engines. An example in point here is this peculiar search result for the contextual pair of terms: 9/11 Truth at the supposdly independent and impartial AmeriKan "CNN" Neo-Conservatist state propaganda "news agency" outlet.

Note the unusual blackhole behavior of this group(simplest pair) of search terms! An incompetent mafiosi apparatchik supplied with a classified list of damaging and damning evidential search terms has lazily and sloppily input this sensitive "Bush Regime security" data into a transparent output format that can without a doubt actually be 'read' by reverse implication!!

By this time, most of us serious investigators who have devoted great time, effort, blood, sweat and tears in the honest and fair study of the vast range of ultraviolent ciminal mass-murders, poisonings, thefts, flagrant obstructions of justice and related crimes against Americans and America Itself that were committed on and since 9/11 have concluded that only a vast right wing Conservatist-Fascist conspiracy could in fact have been the root of. Sadly much like the "hidden in plain sight" phoney 'hijacker conspiracy theory" put forward by the Corporate and Bureaucratic cadres of elite noble mafiosi who populate our news, editorial opinion, commentary and public governmental disinformation agencies, the fact remains true that only persons brainwashed by deeply destructive, misplaced and tragically anti-social religious-socialist hatred-passions could actively participate in such crimes and still keep their secrets.

Unfortunately the only form of brainwashing strong enough to maintain a broad conspiracy this evil, inconsiderate, murderous, hateful and destructive is one that is intimately based upon a horrific perversion of the deepest human emotions of religious-socialist 'faith'...

Much like the mythical, radical Islamic-fascist hijacker-patsies, their radical neo-Nazi Christian-fascist (and apparently most shockingly, surprisingly, and horriffyingly, likely even fascists of another quite more understandably radicalized religious-socialist faith) co-plotting partners had to believe that what they were doing was in fact a work of divine providence. To wit, as I and others have clearly identified, the perverse, heretical enactment of the ultra-violent "fulfillment" of the tragic biblical prophecy handed down in exquisite detail in none other than the biblical dogma of Daniel Chapter 8.

I won't bother to go too deeply into the parallels between that particular mythical lunatic vision and 9/11, they are all so obvious they reek! The Ram for Republican America, the He-Goat for OBL (and Bush's curious "goat-story" morning) the 4 horns that travelled above the ground without touching the ground, the two great horns "smoted", the third horn that "went to the pleasant lands to the south and east to strike down some" of the military (Halliburton-corruption-investigating) 'host of the stars" etc...

Clearly now, some six years after 9/11, in spite of the mountains of disinformation that have been laboriously debunked by hundreds of independent American patriots, the many dozens of total lies and inconsistencies in the official conspiracy story, the evidence robbed (American Media-Anthrax), stolen(steel shipped to China), falsified(Pentagon cruise missile), tampered with (UAL77 black box) and destroyed (SEC in WTC7) we know know the full breadth of the crimes and the most likely perpetrators identities clearly.

Proposal (RFC)

In the traditional forms of legacy communications media, which broadly stated are: Letter, Print, Telephony, Film, Broadcast Code, Broadcast Voice and Broadcast Television they were always of a one-ended, expository, "oracular" nature to the data and information conveyed. Plotting lunatics like Zbigniew Brzezinski thought and planned in the Hitlerian Era, one where there were no or very very few immutable, readable tracks to be forensically left behind by a censor or disinformer. Unfortunately the mastermind of these plotters never envisioned an internet that could be just as much a weapon of easy incrimination as it is a tool of disemination.

Therefore it is possible and indeed necessary for me to propose a SSH secure-encrypted tunnelling, multiple-back-up secure database research project to sytematically query these selectively poisoned. disinformation sources in a very very difficult to track and/or follow accumulation of correlated and correlatable terms that the MI6-CIA mafia DO NOT WANT to be found, even as they likely look for them themselves in fear at all hours of every waking day as they valiantly struggle to keep a lid on their past ultra-criminal Daniel Chapter 8 project and now their ongoing doomed, deliberate neo-Nazi planned "Armageddon" nuclear battle at Megiddo confrontation "final solution for Isreal" criminal 'christian-satanist' future conspiracy plans...

The process is simple and straight forward participants would either be SSH tunneling parallel secure tunnelled archivists (multiple copy multiple location database maintainers) or SSH tunneling search actuaries, other participants would be current database analyzers/proposers or General proposers.

Proposers would suggest groups of search terms requiring investigation

Actuaries would aquire such lists and by secure tunnelling probe the poisoned servers for responses but only AFTER they had pre-posted their batches to be processed to the Archivers.

In this way we would not only securely build a database of names, places, identities, times, memoranda etc etc that was to have been investigated but also accumulate and be later able to correlate the "radio-active' results (upon continued un-interfered with success)

The beneficial results of this endeavor would be, at very least, three-fold:

NSA/CIA would be forced to curtail it's illegal domestic censorship activities
Information blocked from researches would of necessity either be exposed or new covert trails/crimes would be generated
Information could be gleaned by our patriot researchers 'in the know' about what the criminal "governmentt" does not want us to look into

Anyone want to really take part in this revolutionary new 9/11 Investigation ""Surge""???

:-) The terrorists will lose....