Goverment media fights back.

There are strong signs that the government are finally becoming proactive in their approach to counteracting the strong advances the Truth Movement have made in the last year or so. Up until now, I think they ad hoped that the talk on a 9/11 conspracy would wither and die through lack of publicity. Alas.There are several very high quality clips that have recently appeared on youtube that try to ridicule conspiracy-speak.(see link for example).The postponed History channel documentary will certainly be tilted to support the administration's story. We fully expect this, but are pleased that it will finally put the 9/11 story squarely on the table, where it belongs. I'm sure it will be a strong piece, but you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear no matter what you do. I will be most interested in the explanation of WTC7’s collapse, and the firemen’s testimony about multiple explosions in the buildings on 9/11. Any omission or understating of the latter will absolutely tell us what-is-what, as that is the most credible evidence that is available of what was going on in the buildings at that time, and fortunately for us, it would be difficult to ask for eyewitnesses who are more expert than a few hundred professional hero-firemen. Whatever happens ...the History Channel documentary will serve to legitimise the viewpoint of the Truth Movement, and will probably result in a plethora of TV shows with the 9/11 Truth people as speakers, and that’s all we need...a Platform on mainstream TV... Tinfoil hat song