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Fantastic reply I am forwarding from an email from erry Mazza, (Online Journal, writer),
in response to Thomas Freidman's NY Ttimes opinion "9/11 is Over" piece!

Dear Reader,

This was my response letter (truncated by the Times) to Thomas Freidman's
idiotic article that "9/11 Is Over." Perhaps for him, but not the rest of us
who were never satisfied by the government's 9/11 Commission of Omission.
Please look over my remarks to Friedman's bleak article.

Jerry Mazza


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Dear Mr. Friedman, You are either colassally naive or a non-reader. 9/11
isn't over becuase its true perpetrators have not been revealed in your
paper or in the balance of the commercial press of America. It wasn't fire
that brought the Towers down, but controlled demolitions, explosions from
the basement, the building tops and down through the redundant steel frame
by cutter charges, duly noted by firemen, eyewitnesses, and Willie
Rodriquez, the superintendent of Tower 1. Demolition have been documented as
well by physicist Steven Jones and other scientists. The original NIST
report isn't worth the paper it's printed on. What's more, Tower 7, was not
hit by a plane, but "pulled" by its owner, Larry Silverstein. He announced
he was going to do that at 3:30 PM on 9/11. At 5:30 PM, it went down neatly
into its own footprint, the unmistakable sign of internal demolition.
Furthermore, an internal demolition for a 47-story steel framed building
like 7 could not be set up to be pulled in two hours, but more likely two
months, which would indicate foreknowledge. Thirdly the only redundant
steel-framed buildings to ever fall due to fire were Towers 1, 2, and 7.
Parenthetically, Mr. Silverstein made $500 million on the collapse of his
building to build a wider higher more valuable Tower 7. That is in addition
to the money he made leasing the WTC in July of 2001, two months before the
attack. He raised at that time the WTC insurance to $3.5 billion, specifying
it include terror attack

OPINION | September 30, 2007
Columnist: 9/11 Is Over
I honor and weep for those murdered on 9/11. But our reaction to 9/11 has
knocked America completely out of balance, and it's time to get things right

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