Update: Sharp End International. Spy alert.

I wrote on 5-1-08 that I found something strange with a referrer who turned out not to be a referrer but Private military company named: Sharp End International (who comes up with these names, Jeez).

I promised an update if I found some more information.

Well here goes:

I send a link to the 911 blogger site and to the pilots for 9/11 truth and on the 911 blog site a blogger going by the name of Peter came up with something interesting and I decided to pursue his train of thought. To him the site sounded more like a front for the NSA, and he suggested that since New Zealand was part of the illegal spying group Echelon I might find something there and he also gave me a link.


In order to see how I might find out if the company was a front for the NSA I went to a couple of other PMC sites to see what was different on these sites as compared with the SEI site.

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