9/11 Endgame: Is Martial Law coming? Are 8 Million Americans "security threats"?

It will happen before this monster gets out........



None of the leading presidential candidates have been asked the question, "As
president, will you continue aggressive domestic surveillance programs in the
vein of the Bush administration?"

Can we all stop waving our flags long enough to take a look at the domestic
surveillance situation we have here in the "land of the free?" While the three
remaining candidates are going about the business of wooing the American
electorate for the 44th presidency, the 43rd presidency has been on a mission to
develop a massive surveillance program for it to use in the event of a "national

Don't pick up your flag just yet. This is serious stuff that ensures a martial
law scenario on US soil, since our intelligence community assures us that
another terrorist attack on US soil is a matter of "when," and not "if." Let's
make no mistake here. This is a secretive program operating within the US and
fueled by powerful corporate interests that maintain enormous capacity for
itself to identify, locate, and incarcerate 8 million Americans listed in its
own illegally-compiled database as "potential threats" to "continuity of
governance" in the event of a "national emergency."