Hoppy Heidelberg, OKC Juror still demands the truth

Hoppy Heidelberg was picked to be on an Oklahoma Grand Jury in 1995. He soon found out that he would be one of many preparing indictments against the conspirators alleged to be involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing. Although Heidelberg was picked to be on the jury through a random selection process, it seemed fate was not random. Heidelberg was just the man the public needed to challenge the spoon fed evidence given in this case. Hoppy was in fact removed from the Grand Jury after his outspoken protests of obfuscation, including the refusal to allow the Grand Jury to call certain witnesses and question others. Two of these witnesses were separate and independent Geo scientists who has recorded separate seismographs of the blast which revealed that in fact, more than one explosion occurred that day. The occurrence of more than one explosion is also supported by emergency responder transcripts I was recently able to read. Given Mr. Heidelberg’s honest and upfront manner, it is easy to see how his integrity wreaked havoc on the carefully prepared cover up.

It is Heidelberg’s belief, after sitting on the Grand Jury and hearing testimony (and lack thereof) that the claim on Terry Nichols in 2006 that McVeigh was being handled by a high level FBI agent is totally plausible and likely. This is also supported by certain obscure facts about McVeigh. This is a growing sentiment.

The loss of life on April 19, 1995 was enormous but the death toll did not cease on April 19. One ‘peripheral” death occurred when Sergeant Terry Yeakey of the Oklahoma City Police Department, arrived to the scene of the bombing and witnessed agents from one federal agency asking the onsite doctor, Dr. Chumley, to bandage their hands and other areas, although they had not been on the site at the time of the bombing, had not been in the building and were in Chumley and Yeakeys eyes completely unharmed. Yeakey witnessed many other strange events that day which did not sit well with him. Yeakey had began collecting documents and trying to express his concerns. He was told to shut his mouth. Yeakey began to warn his loved ones that something might happen to him as he had no plans to ignore the inconsistencies and cover ups which were occurring. Yeakey was suicided in a field near the El Reno prison in outside of Oklahoma City. The coroner who processed Yeakeys body was disappeared or fled, and strangely enough, Dr. Chumley died in a private airplane crash en route to access the secured documents he and Yeakey had compiled. There are to this day, no logical and open answers to this slew of deaths, and the resulting effect has been the intimidation of those who would speak out. “Kill one educate a thousand” is the phrase which came to Hoppys mind as he told me his take on this information, none of which was new to him in any way.

In my discussions with Heidelberg he illustrated how certain black operations create “rabbit trails” to confuse eye witnesses, emergency responders and later investigators. Given the fact that there were several Ryder trucks reported that day and days prior, several John Doe #2’s, several vehicles besides the ‘lone Ryder’ and a couple different McVeigh’s thrown in for good measure, it stands to reason that there were several teams working on this bombing. The greater question becomes who was working for whom, and with what end goal in mind. It is, in my view, probable that there was a extra and inter governmental black ops team/s, foreign and domestic, who knew the objective, an separate interagency sting operation who believed that the bombing would be averted at the last minute and a few scattered ‘patsy’ groups, set up to do some of the ‘dirty work’ and take the fall.

The result: over 183 dead and counting, and the passing of the Clintons Omnibus Anti Terrorism Bill, which could not be passed prior, and which set the ground work for our current Patriot Act, as well as several other pieces of grievous legislation, not the least of which is the absurd HR1955/ 1959 Homegrown Domestic Terrorism Bill. There also seems to be enormous financial benefits gained from certain contractors, who have benefitted not only from the Oklahoma City Bombing but 9/11 as well.