Anthrax Foreknowledge? DOJ/FBI Doesn’t Care

Anthrax Foreknowledge? DOJ/FBI Doesn’t Care

At the Department of Justice Amerithrax Investigation Press Conference August 6, 2008, the following question was asked:

QUESTION: “Do you think there's a connection between Ivins and what was known at the time of the Quantico letter? There was a letter sent in September of 2001 identifying an Arab-American scientist at Fort Detrick as a bioterrorist. The letter also threatened a bioterror attack and also death to Israel. Were you ever satisfied that you were able to run down that letter and the author of that letter?”

MR. TAYLOR: “I'm not aware of any connection. To my knowledge, there's no evidence linking the two.”

Note that he doesn’t answer this part of the question, “Were you ever satisfied that you were able to run down that letter and the author of that letter?”

The Arab-American scientist being referred to is Ayaad Assaad, who the FBI cleared of any possible connection to the 2001 Anthrax attacks. The letter portrayed him as a potential biological terrorist and revealed detailed knowledge of his work and personal life. Although Assaad was allowed to read the letter during his interrogation by the FBI after they received it, the FBI is still blocking its release, although it has been requested under FOIA. If there’s no evidence linking Bruce Ivins to this letter, which was sent BEFORE the Anthrax outbreak, then who sent it? And why are the FBI and DOJ so uninterested?

According to this report in the Hartford-Courant December 19, 2001:
“FBI spokesman Chris Murray confirmed Tuesday that Assaad has been cleared of suspicion. Murray also said the FBI is not tracking the source of the anonymous letter, despite its curious timing, coming a matter of days before the existence of anthrax-laced mail became known.”

As Justin Raimond notes in an article on, “It is surely not implausible to suggest that whoever sent the letter had foreknowledge of or some connection to the anthrax attacks, and was trying to set up Dr. Assaad as the scapegoat. The Courant article goes on to note that this mysterious missive, "which has intrigued federal agents and amateur sleuths on the Internet for years," has nonetheless been officially discounted by the authorities: "Federal investigators have always maintained that the letter – while a startling coincidence – has no bearing on their hunt for the anthrax killer."

This letter, like the Anthrax letters, falsely attempts to pin biological terror attacks in the US on Arabs and Muslims. It’s theoretically possible it’s only a “startling coincidence” that this attempt to frame an innocent Arab man was done independently of the post 9/11 “false-flag” Anthrax attacks; but how did they arrive at that conclusion? If they’ve interviewed the person or people who sent the letter and cleared them of any connection, why don’t they say so?

Is it because they know who sent the letter, they are connected with the attacks, and they’re being protected? Is there any connection between this person or people and the apparent foreknowledge in the White House that there would be an Anthrax attack in the US?

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There is plenty of reasonable doubt about the DOJ’s case for Bruce Ivins involvement, and/or his sole involvement.

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