Germany: exposes CIA link to "Islamic" terror plot

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The CIA Contact From Ludwigsburg

According to information from sources within the German authorities, a German contact person for the CIA was involved in the planning of what would have been the largest Islamic terror attacks on German soil. He supposedly helped transport 20 detonators.

It was a hot day in August last year, when the 15-year old Alaeddine T. from Braunschweig met a tall, sporty man, who called himself Obeida, in a mosque in Istanbul. The boy later told officials of the Federal Criminal Investigation Office, that Obeida gave him a bag with jeans and a few shoes and told him to take the bag to Germany.

On August 26 Alaeddine gave the bag to T. at a mosque in Braunschweig.

A week later the young man, who received the bag was presented to the world by the international media: Fritz Gelowicz, 29 years old, a muslim convert from Ulm.

Together with its fellow believers Adem Yilmaz, 29, and Daniel Schneider, 22, he had supposedly planned attacks on American and Uzbek installations in Germany.

Hidden in the shoes from Turkey were 20 detonators. The person who had originally handed over the bag in Istanbul was apparently a CIA contact and came from the Pfalz region, as the STERN has learned from security circles.

Mevlüt K., a 29 year old Turk from Ludwigshafen, is known to German investigators since 1997 as "Obeida, the turk".

He was a member of the radical Islamic group "Imam Einheit" and was allegedly providing false passports to the terror organisation "Al Tawhid" and collecting donations for the armed Jihad.

He was also suspected to have provided explosives for an attack in Saudi Arabia. In August 2002 Mevlüt K. was arrested at the airport of Ankara and was in detention (in Turkey) until November 2003.

He was probably enlisted during this time by the CIA and was planted inside the so called "Sauerland Trio" around Fritz Gelowicz.

Last week the Federal Prosecutor's Office submitted its 259-page indictment against Gelowicz, Yilmaz and the others.

The investigators found out, that the "Sauerland Gruppe", wanted to blow up army barracks, pubs or discotheques in large German cities.
In addition the young Muslims had purchased twelve barrels of hydrogen peroxide, which inside a mixture with flour, would have had an explosive yield of 410 kilograms TNT, according to computations of consultants from the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

The planned targets: army barracks or pubs. Together the group had got hold of 26 detonators. Six originated from Bulgaria and Serbia.
The 20 detonators, which were handed over in Istanbul, were of Czech origin. How they got to the contact man of the CIA, does not seem to be clarified yet. There are leads that the detonators came from Syria. There are also traces leading to Lebanon, possibly to a former Palestinian transition camp, which was bombed later.

Technicians of the Federal Criminal Investigation Office who examined some the detonators more closely wrote in their report, which is known to STERN: "Only two of the altogether 17 tested detonators were functional." The others would not have ignited, since they had been too damp.