Gov class warfare * Martial law * 911 Canada

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October 6, 2008 - Gov class warfare * Martial law * 911 Canada

“This was the largest single act of class warfare
in the modern history of this country. It is a direct attack
on the American people’s ability to be able to stabilize
their homes and their neighborhoods. This single vote
will define the careers of everyone. We are back to taxation
without representation, to markets that are openly rigged.”

-- Dennis Kucinich

1) Bailout Blimp – Kucinich stands up – 911Canada – Palin Muse
- - Dennis Kucinich on the Democrats’ Bailout Betrayal
- - Paulson Bank Rescue Proposal Is `Crazy,' O'Neill Says
- - There's No Difference Between Martial Law and the THREAT of Martial Law
- - 'There would be martial law in America if we voted no.'
- - 911 in the Canadian Election of 2008
- - News from the Complete 911 Timeline --
- - Sarah 'Evita' Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State

Editor’s Notes:

These are very frustrating moments; now, with Wall Street stock still plunging, what was the purpose to put more make-believe fluid capital into the financial ship with big leaks? I believe the funds were basically a pay-off, as noted, to stop a worse situation from arising. This includes threats of Martial Law, as reported by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif), if the bailout bill was not passed. When threatened by HELL how low will you go? Yet on a (sic) positive note, perhaps things will get so bad that an international ailing economy can rethink it basis for real value, and promote policies supporting a sustainable environment and health-care.

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October 6th - Gov class warfare * Martial law * 911 Canada

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