Financial Plan World Reports * US Bankrupt

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October 12, 2008 - Financial Plan World Reports * US Bankrupt

“The United States is bankrupt and is essentially
in the hands of its creditors. The Refunding Program,
which should have been kick-started in June 2006,
will address and rectify this state of affairs,
providing both immediate and long-term relief
to the American people and the whole world.”

-- Christopher Story FRSA,
Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review,
World Reports Limited, London and New York

1) World Reports and Financial Plan & Criminal Exposure
- - German Finance Minister Ambushed Over Settlements
- - Judge Orders 17 Detainees at Guantánamo Freed
- - New, controversial FBI guidelines go into effect
- - Video: GOP Will Try To Steal Elections Again
- - The RIGHT Speaking Out Against Bush

Editor’s Notes:

Many in the alternative press are still ignoring the work of Christopher Story and World Reports. However, Flyby News again steps out of the box to research and expose these in-depth reports that explain some of what the mainstream media and governments have been covering up. The following articles are more of what we have been reading for the last eight years; however, now, the RIGHT is getting into the act, realizing the catastrophic results of the Bush administration. It is time for a change. Regarding this, please read my letter and comments posted at 911blogger: Financial Crisis solution policy - Open letter to Obama.

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October 12 - Financial Plan World Reports * US Bankrupt

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