Conspiratorial Organizations as standard MO for the Deep State

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Government of the Shadows: Parapolitics and Criminal Sovereignty (Hardcover)

Book Description
Government of the Shadows analyses the concept of clandestine government. It explores how covert political activity and transnational organised crime are linked -- and how they ultimately work to the advantage of state and corporate power. The book shows that legitimate government is now routinely accompanied by extra-governmental covert operations. Using a variety of case studies, from the mafia in Italy to programmes for food and reconstruction in Iraq, the contributors illustrate that para-political structures are not 'deviant', but central to the operation of global governments. The creation of this truly parallel world-economy, the source of huge political and economic potential, entices states to undertake new forms of regulation, either through their own intelligence agencies, or through the more shadowy world of criminal cartels.

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Table of Contents:

1) Deconstructing the Shadows
2) Democratic State vs. Deep State: Approaching the Dual State of the West
3) Governing Through Globalised Crime
4) Prospering from Crime: Money Laundering and Financial Crises
5) The Shadow Economy: markets, Crime and the State
6) Transnational Crime and Global Illicit Economies
7) Redefining Statehood in the Gobal Periphary

8) The Sicilian Mafia: Parastate and Adventrue Capitalism
9) Drugs, Anti-communism and Extra-legal Repression in Mexico
10) Parapolitics and Afghanistan
11) From Drug Lords to Warlords: Illegal Drugs and the 'Unintended' Consequences of Drug Policies in Colombia
12) Covert Netherworld: Clandestine Services and Criminal Syndicates in Shaping the Philippine State
13) Beyond Democratic Checks and Balances: The 'Propaganda Due' Masonic Lodge and the CIA in Italy's First Republic


I haven't read the book, so can't comment directly on it. Softcover comes out this December.