Words from a newbie !!

I'm new to blogging.

I would just like to describe why I think 9/11 Truth is so important.

I don't believe in

needless killing,
enciting to kill needlessly or
allowing to kill needlessly

- similar to the 3 laws of robotics in I Robot by Asimov.

I believe the book I Robot is drawing parallels to human behaviour.
Therefore as in the book I draw the logical conclusion from the three laws that we must revolt against tyranny to survive- that's my take.

The expanding empire which has benefitted from 9/11 whether that is an american empire or an empire including america; controlled by the western aristocratic owners of private central banking in some countries or those behind the IMF or whether some other entity or combination of entities, - this empire has benefitted from encouraging needless killing.
I don't mind ruthlessness in business, but I draw the line at:

needless killing (eg 9/11) or
enciting to kill needlessly (eg sending soldiers on revenge invasions for fake reasons) or
allowing needless killing (eg setting up civil unrest to divide and rule)

There seem to be many people who would benefit from the expansion of empire into the middle east.
eg the big rich - the dynastic aristocratic families behind central banking in the USA and other countries- as they would have a throat grip on two more nations in the world- namely afghanistan and iraq perhaps to set up economies with privately owned central banks making debt slaves of those nations like the FED has been the tool of enslavement of the USA since 1913.
Also Haliburton and those connected and those with shares in that company.
Whether we are witnessing the expansion of an empire which is controlled by a single person or the big rich or a conglomeration of mutually benefitting people, I think it is the case that the coalition of the willing is

I would like to point other 911blogger newbies like myself to David Ray Griffin's blog:
Pls read the main piece and work your way through the links- DRG's links are thoughtfully chosen.

It's worth also seeing 9/11 press for truth- the vid that flipped me from initial research mode to doing-something mode - Bob McIlvaine did at the end of the vid, in fact.

I mentioned central banking/ debt enslavement of nations- here is more detail in a vid- perhaps relevant to understanding that 9/11 is one of many world events which have led to war and have benefitted those stealing the freedom of others. It also mentions those who funded Hitler:
(This is relevant as George W Bush is descended from one of the bankers who funded Hitler.)

It's possible that the above video could be of use in setting the scene to understand those involved in 9/11- the "military industrial complex"- a very very pertinent expression as you might find in the vid.

Anyway I don't want to distract away from the main issue here - 9/11 itself.

Just one last word- to anyone involved in the current effort- NYCCAN- Keep going !!! -I really appreciate what you're doing as I know many many others do too- all round the world.

Thankyou from Douglas Hilton in London UK and keep going everyone- tell friends and family- don't worry about losing friends and falling out with family. Even if they don't believe you, the ones who really care about you won't let disagreement over 9/11 come between you and them, and they're the ones that might eventually turn and accept 9/11 truth. As for the ones you fall out with- well if you think this is a serious enough issue then it's just too bad that you'll become unpopular with some people who aren't ready or able to accept that they've been told an enormous lie.

My reaction to being told was to think 'You idiot- you dont understand - I've seen the documentary on TV that shows how the twin towers were essentially hollow- you must be wrong because you dropped out of architect school'
Then I was intrigued to find out about what i thought was a giant internet hoax which had conned my cousin who had shown me loose change.
So I investigated the phenomena of 9/11 truth-
Then down the rabbit hole............

Anyway keep up the good work everyone!

(Shhhh! Girlfriend doesn't like me doing street activism but I'm still donating loads eg NYCCAN and still up for helping with transportation- see below... every bit counts right ? and better to do something than nothing !)

Travelling 9/11 Truth lecturers- I can give you a free ride between London UK airports and London UK hotels- available 24/7.
Previous happy customers RG + DRG ! Pls liaise with your UK hosts- they may know me.
e-mail me dont3fanATgmailDOTcom