Reviving the War of Terror: Patsy framed in Secret Team psy-op to generate public support for wars Joe Quinn Nov. 15th


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November 15, 2009

Reviving the War of Terror: Patsy framed in Secret Team psy-op to generate public support for wars

By Joe Quinn

The US Army has seen record suicide rates (Fort Hood alone saw ten this year), record levels of criminal behaviour in soldiers at home and abroad: numerous veterans are returning from the wars and picking up where they left off "because they can't turn it off". Morale is woeful as soldiers question the purpose of America's wars abroad. Consider that in August,

A Fort Hood soldier was sentenced Wednesday to a month in jail for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan over his beliefs that the war violates international law.

Spc. Victor Agosto, 24, of Miami, pleaded guilty to disobeying lawful orders and was sentenced at the central Texas Army post.

"I really had no Army way of being consistent with my conscience," Agosto said. "The courts haven't recognized soldiers' rights to refuse an order they believe to be illegal.... I believe future courts will find that the Afghanistan war is illegal because it violates international law."

Fort Hood US Army base in the heart of Texas is home to some 50,000 US soldiers, their families and civilian support staff. The complex is next door to the town of Killeen where in 1991 another infamous shooting took place: a man rammed his truck into a cafe and shot dead 23 people, yelling beforehand, "This is what Central Texas did to me!"

Like a gigantic departure lounge for troops sent to America's war theaters, the base is the first and last port of call for thousands of troops returning from, and being sent (or resent) to, Iraq and Afghanistan. What took place there on the day Guy Fawkes is remembered for high treason, recalls similar incidents that take place all too frequently in the US. A gunman (or two or three or more) shot dead 13 and wounded 31 soldiers and support staff at one or more facilities on the base. Within 24 hours, the investigation was all but declared a wrap as media consensus crystalized around a single perpetrator; a US soldier. An army Major no less. A Muslim army Major. In fact, a Muslim soldier of Palestinian descent. We couldn't help but think that this man seemed an exceedingly convenient scapegoat for a demoralised country conditioned by years of racist anti-Muslim propaganda. With the army changing its story throughout November 5, we smelled a cover-up and decided to dig around a little to see what interesting connections might come up.

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