Explosion Sounds a false premise from NIST in WTC 7 investigation

In the presentation last year by Shyam Sunder it was said that they concluded that WTC 7 was not brought down by controlled demolition. They did not tests for explosives in the rubble or dust, instead they go on lenghts to prove there was no explosion sound measured and therefore it could not be a controlled demolition.

The engineer and explosive expert Ron Craig showed similar views in a Gage-radio debate.

Now this premise is clearly false, as the sound or blast waves were matter of new patents to reduce their effects.

So, if you ever be confronted with the “sound” premise, just show them theses patents:

US patent 6183669
"primary disadvantage of explosive shaped charges is that they generate excessive noise and debris upon detonation. This noise and debris can pose potentially serious health and safety hazards to someone using a cutting device which employs conventional shaped charge explosives.
Thermite-based cutting devices which employ a cutting flame produce virtually no extended shock wave and generate relatively little over pressure. Thermite-based cutting devices do not present the same health and safety hazards which are attendant upon explosive shape charge cutting devices."


German patent 19718270

"Der Erfindung liegt die Aufgabe zugrunde zur Minimierung der akustischen Belastung eine Schneidschnur vorzuschlagen."
e.g. This invention was formed because of the task to reduce the sound level harm with suggesting a cutting-line

"wird die Intensität der Druckwellen bei Zündung der Sprengladung erheblich reduziert, so dass die "Sprengung" in der Umgebung nicht mehr von anderen Geräuschen unterscheidbar ist."
e.g. The intensity of the pressure waves at the point of detonation of the explosive device is reduced sharply, so that the “demolition” could not be differenced from other surrounding sounds.


NIST standing:
Ron Craig