German Daily "Junge Welt" Hard Hitting Questions on 9/11

September 12, 2010

On the 9th anniversary of 9/11 the german daily newspaper "Junge Welt" published a whole series of articles
that put the official story in question and lines out all major points that lead to international calls for a new and
independent 9/11 investigation.

Starting from the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 26 February 1993 , the attacks on the 11th September 2001 in New York and Washington, the attacks on suburban trains on 11th March 2004 in Madrid, on 7 July 2005 in London - again and again, western intelligence agencies had a hand in the matter. The local agencies were also in a strange way involved in the alleged planned attacks of the so-called Sauerland-bombers in the fall of 2007 in Germany.

Junge Welt vom 11. September
Under False Flag - Unter falscher Flagge - Von Rainer Rupp
Starting from the first terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 26 February 1993 , the attacks on the 11th September 2001 in New York and Washington, the attacks on suburban trains on 11th March 2004 in Madrid, on 7 July 2005 in London - again and again, western intelligence agencies had a hand in the matter. The local agencies were also in a strange way involved in the alleged planned attacks of the so-called Sauerland-bombers in the fall of 2007 in Germany.

The "German Terrorists" had received their instructions first and then the - broken - detonators from a person who had worked for both the Turkish and the German state security authorities. It was the same story like with the first attack on the World Trade Center, in which - as it turned out later in court - the terrorist group had been infiltrated by the paid FBI informants and bomb Emad A. Salem.

In the case of "Nine-Eleven" or "9/11," as the attacks of 11 September 2001 are often referred to, according to polls almost 50% of New Yorkers think, that considering the many contradictions and inconsistencies in the official story that either the Bush administration was behind 9/11 or the Israeli secret service Mossad, or both. Who quickly dismisses the questions by calling "conspiracy theory" should not forget that in history rulers always have conspired, too often, using "false flag" crimes to better enforce its policy or to justify war. The Germans have experienced this with alleged attack of polish soldiers onon the "Sender Gliwice" to justify the invasion of Poland 1 September 1939. The "Celler hole" an incident in Germnay is notorious. The 1978 incident was planned as a false-flag operation and was fabricated and carried out to infiltrate an informant in the german Red Army.

The "Gulf of Tonkin incident" in August 1964 in which a U.S. war ship was allegedly involved in a battle with North Vietnamese speedboats, served Washington as a justification of the bombing of North Vietnam. 9/11 served Washington, because the most aggressive and most rabid government in U.S. history since then propagated as legitimacy for their" global war on terror.
Operation Northwood
The US had never sacrificed their own citizens in a false flag operation, is a widespread argument. But 'Operation Northwood " planned on the highest level proves the opposite: not only by staging terrorist attacks against the civilian U.S. air and maritime transport, but also by real bomb explosions in shopping centers in Miami, the tracks will be placed so that it properly Cuba could be held responsible for it and create a pretext for the invasion of the island. The surgical papers were written in 1962 by the General Staff of the Pentagon and signed under the chairmanship of General Lyman L. Lemnitzer U.S. by all members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was. The implementation of "Operation Northwood" 1963 was prevented at the last minute by U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

more to follow....

Junge Welt vom 11. September
A Secret for much longer - Noch länger geheim
Von Knut Mellenthin
The military secret service of the U.S., the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), tried to stop the publication of a book that deals with background and history of the attacks of 11 September 2001 deals. The Fox News reported on Friday. The neo-conservatives close associates of the TV stations documented his claim with the photocopy of a letter to the DIA a service of the U.S. Army. This was the written by the officer Tony Schaffer book previously examined in terms of "operational security" and "ethics" and released to print.

The DIA contradicts this assessment on the ground that are contained in manuscript Schaffer secret information on the work of the service. In the DIA chief Ronald Burgess personally signed letter to the Army points out that even the Foreign Intelligence Agency, the High Command of the Armed Forces for Special Operations (USSOCOM) and with global eavesdropping was concerned the National Security Agency (NSA) against the release of the book have expressed. In the case of the NSA, even if it were to classified as "TOP SECRET" information. Against this background, calls on the Army Burgess, Schaffer order to formally re-submission of his manuscript in order to censorship. In addition, the officer acting on his publisher to stop the extradition of the book, which will be called "Operation Dark Heart".

Schaffer, was then still in the service of the DIA, before 11 September at a data collection project of the intelligence agencies involved, the "Able Danger" was called, and should the fight against "international terrorism act." Schaffer claimed for years that it had been there even before the September 11 references to the alleged head of the hijackers, Mohammed Atta. Schaffer also states that he had tried in September 2000, making the FBI's attention to Atta, but had been prevented by military lawyers, it was. One of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation was conducted in December 2006 on the conclusion that Schaffer's information was wrong. At that time most of the Able-Danger-Files had been destroyed forever.

According to Fox News wants to reach the DIA in particular, that are removed from the book, all references to a meeting with Philip Zelikow Schaffer. This then led to work as employed by the Bush administration's Commission of Inquiry to 11 September. Schaffer claims to have informed Zelikow at the meeting on the Able-Danger-matter. The final report of the Commission appeared to them but nothing.

According to Fox News, the DIA is to negotiate with publishers Schaffer on the buying of all 10,000 copies of the book. The station is also announcing further revelations. The aim is to be about the American Yemeni descent Anwar Al-Awlaki. The now allegedly living in Yemen preacher is on the list of the CIA "for" targeted killings. Awlakis father and several civil rights groups have raised so action against President Barack Obama, CIA Director Leon Panetta and Secretary of War Robert Gates. It is addressed to one against the intent to murder and second demand from the government to disclose its criteria for the "targeted killing" of U.S. citizens. Fox News now claims to be able to prove that the FBI after 11 September was trying to recruit Awlaki.

Junge Welt vom 11. September
»Die Uniformität läßt an Gleichschaltung denken«
About the attacks of 11 September 2001 in den USA,
Contradictions and inconsistencies in the reporting by major media outlets

Mathias Bröckers works as a freelance journalist in Berlin. His book "Conspiracies, conspiracy theories and secrets of 9/11. "(2002) sold very well, as well as his second book with the title" Facts, Forgeries and the suppressed evidence of 9/11 "

Interview: Marcus Klöckner

Junge Welt vom 11. September

Terror and Fear - Miracles on 9/11

– Angst und Schrecken – Die Wunder des 11. September

Von Rainer Rupp – The attacks of 11 September 2001 on the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York and the Pentagon in Washington have the neo-conservative warmongers of the Government of U.S. President George W. Bush the excuse to enforce their domestic and foreign policy objectives.

With the terrorist threat to U.S. citizens was such fear and terror hunt used, that they were not even against the transformation of U.S. bourgeois democracy into a police state and torture resisted.

The second goal was the resource-rich countries of the so-called Greater mid-sized East with military-ethnic violence after changing American ideas umzu. This is from the former British Prime Minister Anthony Blair in his ge-rade published book, "My way confirmed." Since then the White House neo-conservative Zionist policy specific, care was taken in implementing this policy, in particular, to Israel's advantage.

Meanwhile in the U.S. population, the opinion is widespread that "9 / 11," an "operation has been" under false colors, that is, one of the secret services of staged terrorist attack. bestowed the attacks Paul Wolfowitz, the most influential man in the Bush administration, by the wished him long herbeige-Pearl-Harbor-effect, with which the "tired and sluggish," U.S. population has become at last aroused and mobilized for new wars and related victims could be.

Particularly among scientists in recent years, the number that has grown rapidly, on closer examination in the official version of the 11 Septembers have discovered glaring contradictions. They have "in the organization" 9/11-Akademiker for truth and justice sammengeschlossen, which operates the website According to Government officials can can have many representations of the events of 11 be declared by September only wonder, therefore, by the suspension of the laws of nature.

An example of such a miracle is now officially acknowledged-collapse of the towers used to the speed of the "free fall. The "free fall" occurs only when the falling object is hindered by anything other than the drag. For the tower of the WTC 1 means that have clocked in and through no fire weakened steel beams of the lower floors of the collapsing upper floors opposed no resistance, as if more than 200 giant steel columns of pure air was.

This is the miracle. If you believe in the laws of nature, then the free fall was only possible if the beams were removed intact at the same time, for example via an explosion. For the latter, the fact that all the towers collapsing on their own base, instead of to the side wegzubrechen.

This happens, for example, make when building with controlled demolitions carrier on one side of the collapsing mass more resistance than the other. With scientific exactitude, the scientists a number of other "miracles" in the official version have been identified.

If it also true sequence of events (not shown) can not, they have now executed plausible that the official line, which Muslim hobby pilots airliners hijacked and steered into the building, lies and deceit.