Truth Party Launches in Boston

Truth Party National Tour Launches in Boston, MA

BREAKING NEWS: The Slingshot to the Juggernaut national tour launched last night in Boston, MA, at a fun and lively democratic event. It was the launch of a new national tour for author and Truth Party founder Sander Hicks. Hicks spoke for about two hours, in an open, free-flowing speech/conversation about: 9/11 Truth, peace activism, the nature of global power, USA peace leadership, nonviolence, and the construction of reality.

Congrats to Mr. Michael LaBelle, and Ms. Mia Hamel, who were elected by consensus last night to be the facilitators of the Truth Party, Boston, MA.

One lesson we are taking away: "There HAS to be a way out." This is our new mantra, as the tour heads north to New Hampshire. It's all too easy to get caught up in the darkness of the corruption of global power. The spiraling circles of elite secrecy can be maddening. It is good to seek after knowledge of the true nature of global power. But we always have to remain focused on solutions, too.

So, last night, we ended the night by discussing the powerful, peace-loving, Buddha-like nature in all of us. The great minds of time (Jesus and Walt Whitman come to mind) came not to be worshiped, but to turn ON the divine beauty and love of truth that each of us has. If we can turn each other ON, this will spread like wildfire. The flame was lit last night in Boston. Pass it on.

See you soon, I hope.

Truth Party's Sander Hicks in Concord, NH, tonight at Liberty Books, at 6 PM for free speech dialogue, presentation at 7 PM.

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