Publicist for Stone's JFK helped peddle "incubator baby" lie to sell 1991 war against Iraq?

Whilst this may seem off topic to some, it seems unlikely to me that most who visit this site would not be interested in the murder of President Kennedy in 1963 and the "incubator baby" lie successfully used to win public acceptance of the 1991 war war against Iraq, both of which this post discusses. In my reading on the assassinations of President Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy, I have read of Frank Mankiewicz, who played what seemed to be an admirable role in trying to get the truth of the assassination to the American public. His most recent contribution, of which I am aware, was the promotion in 1991 of what seems to me to be an admirable film, JFK, by Oliver Stone. Yet the company that Mankiewicz was Vice President of, that is Hill and Knowlton played a role, without which the US military industrial complex would not have been able to win acceptance by US and world public opinion for the war against Iraq, which as Robert Bowman has pointed out was secretly set up by the US, when they got Kuwait to slant drill under the Iraqi border for oil. I have submitted the following article as a comment to an Australian web site and it is awaiting approval there. (It has since been approved, but hasn't yet drawn any responses.) This raises questions which, I think need to be discussed, and which have still to be discussed anywhere on the web that I can see. Even a review by James DiEugenio, which I think is rightly critical of aspects of the otherwise generally commendable "Brothers" by David Talbot, curiously fails to raise Mankiewicz's role in Hill and Knowlton.

This may not be much of a revelation to some, but according to Wikipedia the term "military industrial complex" used in Professor Quiggin's article Obama and Bush of 9 Mar 2011, originated in former President Eisenhower's final Presidential speech in January 1961. This speech was featured at the start of Oliver Stone's JFK of 1991. The film showed what I thought was a convincing and moving account of the fight by Eisenhower's successor, President John F Kennedy, against that "military industrial complex" which ended tragically with Kennedy's assassination in November 1963 after which "military industrial complex" escalated the Vietnam War to its full horrific scale.

Curiously, however, Frank Mankiewciz, a former confidante of both John and Robert Kennedy, who was hired as the publicist for the movie JFK (page 394 of David Talbot's Brothers of 2007), worked as a Vice President for the public relations company, Hill and Knowlton, which infamously created the fictional account of how the cruel invading Iraqi soldiers had supposedly murdered Kuwaiti new-born babies by hurling them out onto the floor. The number of babies alleged, by the 15 year old supposed nurse Nayiraha al-Sabah, to have been murdered, varied between 15 and 312, the latter figure being being way in excess of the total number of incubators in Kuwait at the time.

It was later revealed that the 15 year old 'nurse' Nayiraha al-Sabah was in fact, the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and had been coached by Hill and Knowlton staff to present the "incubator baby" lie to the world media, the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, and other investigators.

Links for above two YouTube broadcasts are: and Please note that Barrie Zwicker is showing up the 'incubator babies' story for the lie that it is and not promoting it in the first of the above videos.

This lie helped swing American, Australian and other world public opinion behind supporting the 1991 war against Iraq. That war of course paved the way for the subsequent 2003 invasion of Iraq as well as the ongoing current war in Afghanistan, which began in 2001, including the current human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay.

Although it was not easy for me to find, there is evidence in the Washington Post article Kuwaitgate - killing of Kuwaiti babies by Iraqi soldiers exaggerated that Frank Mankiewicz played a direct role in this fraud:

"Hill and Knowlton vice chairman (and former president of NPR) Frank Mankiewicz sent Schorr the Gnehm cable and some news clippings, including a Reuters dispatch from January 1992, appearing to confirm Nayirah's charges."

It is curious that a person, who was so much at the centre of promoting the propaganda interest of the "military industrial complex" in October 1991 could only months later be promoting what seemed to me to be a powerful film againt the US "military industrial complex". Has anyone else any thoughts or information about this?