Meet Richard Gage, AIA, of on Paltalk

Bloggers Tune in!!
To AE911Truth!!
Meet Richard Gage, AIA of Face 2 Face.
Along with David Chandler, Physics teacher ,
Sunday June 5th at 3 pm (pst)/6 (est)
Come to the 911Truth Movement room in paltalk for a live video chat.
This will be a fascinating 2 hour question and answer session.  There will be something for everyone, new comers and old timers. This will be fascinating for all 911 truth activists.
The 911 Truth Movement chat room can really use your support to spread the word in this arena.
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For better results, you can download the Paltalk Client (Paltalk Scene) at the URL below, then type into the search field "The 911 Truth Movement". (Recommended) here Please join us on not only the first Sunday of each month, but anytime 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
Thank you,  and we’ll see you there
"The 911 Truth Movement" Paltalk live chat team