James Holmes - Possible MKULTRA Scopolamine Links

James Holmes received an NIH (National Institutes of Health) scholarship to attend CU Anschutz campus. The CIA has been proven to have laundered money for MKULTRA through the NIH for their LSD experiments (source in MKULTRA FOIA document). Holmes was engaged in research regarding the olfactory system (sense of smell), did he get roped into testing some Scopolamine at some point? Apparently he volunteered to be part of an fMRI study at one point, although he backed out.

"James Holmes, the accused killer in the Aurora, Colorado Massacre, had been part of a University of Colorado-Denver research group carrying out innovative studies on the systems biology of olfaction. The scientists worked in the laboratory of Diego Restrepo, Ph.D. A National Institutes of Health (NIH) “Neuroscience Training Grant,” totaling $179,514, was awarded to Dr. Restrepo, team project leader, in 2012. Holmes had dropped out of the group and was in the process of withdrawing from the university."


"Recently I dug into those memories and wrote a novel about my experiences following the Princeton experiments, doing my best to be fair to all sides, but I found that I could barely dramatize, let alone forgive, the professionals who had taken CIA MK-ULTRA money (laundered, as was later proven, through NIH) and at temporarily driven me out of my mind."


Recent NIH - CIA link:

Project MKUltra, The CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification Joint Hearing (the proof about NIH-CIA-MKULTRA links):

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