Killing Oswald -From the director of RFK Must Die

Killing Oswald trailer from E2 Films on Vimeo.

From the director of RFK Must Die, Killing Oswald explores the mystery of how and why John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald were assassinated in 1963, tracing Oswald's strange transformation from US Marine radar operator in Japan, monitoring U2 spy planes over Russia; to 20-year-old Marxist defector, decamping to Moscow threatening to share military secrets with the KGB; to pro-Castro activist in New Orleans and self-proclaimed patsy in Dallas.

The film features interviews with authors John Newman, Dick Russell, David Kaiser and Joan Mellen, Cuban exile Antonio Veciana and Watergate burglar Eugenio Martinez; alongside rare archive film and audiotapes of Oswald and his alleged CIA handlers George De Mohrenschildt and David Atlee Phillips.

"Shane O'Sullivan has made a major contribution to the Kennedy assassination field with his compelling new documentary, "Killing Oswald." O'Sullivan manages to decipher the enigma that was Lee Harvey Oswald -- no easy feat since the story of the alleged assassin has been subjected to so much artful manipulation over the past half century. "Killing Oswald" presents a clear picture of how a young high-school dropout with grand ambitions was caught in the grip of powerful forces that had other, more tragic plans for him." - David Talbot, author of Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years.

"Killing Oswald sifts through the [secret files] made public after Oliver Stone's JFK and raises compelling new questions about the whole affair" - The Guardian

"This excellent documentary benefits from the richness of the archive material it has unearthed and from some intriguing testimony by well-informed 'experts'" - The Independent (4 stars)