When Censorship is Both Good News and Bad News

The new website, BillMoyers.com, appears to very carefully censor 9/11 comments posted to the site. The following comment was posted to the site almost 4 days ago and has yet to appear. The comment was received by the site because, just after posting it the message, "Comment will be posted after review.[sic]" appeared in the comments section. There has been one 9/11 comment posted to the site with essentially the same message, but with less technical detail than the comment shown here.

A wonderful article...as far as it goes. In the Moyer's video interview of Mr. Lofgren about this article, Bill made certain to state that the ideas expressed here are not about conspiracy theories. It appears that while Mike has awakened slowly to the existence of the Deep State, he has yet to acknowledge that there are actors in that ideological group that can and will do anything to sustain its power. Witness the threat to the deep state organization that the ending of the cold war represented. Suddenly, there was no one to be the "Great Satan" to justify deep state control. As if by magic, an event came along and reversed the deep state's loss of power, 9/11 recreated a Great Fear Society. Lofgren cannot avoid obliquely acknowledging here the dramatic change of the deep state's grasp of power after 9/11.

'As more people begin to waken from the fearful and suggestible state that 9/11 created in their minds, it is possible that the Deep State’s decade-old tactic of crying “terrorism!” every time it faces resistance is no longer eliciting the same Pavlovian response of meek obedience.'

9/11 was an inside job. Visible evidence of that is already available to anyone who remembers the event. Three buildings collapsed symmetrically and at (or very near) free fall speed of collapse. For the Twin Towers, this meant that the parts of the buildings above the crash sites fell down through the paths-of-most-resistance (and 70,000 tons of supposedly undamaged steel and concrete) at the same speed as if the structure below the crash sites didn't exist. That is irrefutable evidence of controlled demolition, not gravity-driven collapses. 9/11 was a terrorist attack on this country by the executive committee of the deep state. Mr. Moyers, who knows all about political conspiracies from his own time in the White House, undoubtedly knows this. I applaud this article's half-step toward the truth, but the Achilles heel of the deep state is what happened at Ground Zero on 9/11. Those conspirators went too far. The illusion they created worked wonderfully in the short-term, in the long term the world will not be blind to the obvious physical evidence contrary to the 9/11 fairy tale initiated by the 9/11 Commission.

Mr. Moyers may have two reasons for censoring this kind of detailed critique. First, he was very close to the most successful political conspiracy in American in the 20th century. He was LBJ's aide (and eventually his Press Secretary) and reportedly was the person who ordered the sunroof taken off of JFK's limousine in Dallas. Moyers apparently said at the time that removal of the roof was at the order of the President. More likely, it was at the direction of a Vice President (perhaps pretending to speak for the President) who very much wanted, indeed needed (in order to avoid scandal and investigations that were closing in on him), to be President. Being too closely connected to another political conspiracy might well bring that back to the public's mind to Moyer's disadvantage.

The second reason, I suspect, is that Moyers really does want to do the right thing. The comment above was to be posted on a great essay by Mike Lofgren. Lofgren is a retired Congressional staffer with a very up-close view of the actual workings of our legislative government. Lofgren's essay on the website (http://billmoyers.com/2014/02/21/anatomy-of-the-deep-state/) is a shortened version of his book that describes in detail what Lofgren calls the workings of the deep state. After 9/11 Lofgren gradually began to realize that there was a force behind the government, the deep state. After he retired and gained some distance from the job he began to have a much better understandings of how the things he had seen fit into this power behind the power. His book, The Party Is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted, is a direct result of that understanding. Moyers—ever the press secretary trying to manage appearances—doesn't want the Lofgren's message bogged down in the messy business on 9/11.