9-11 Commission - Protected Felons/Terrorists - Documents Show

Meet Osama Basnan and his wife

Osama Basnan according to FBI Agents investigating the 9-11 attacks is a Saudi Government Agent with close ties to high ranking Government Officials. He is also "an ardent UBL Supporter".


FBI Document on Osama Basnan:

Connections of San Diego PENTTBOMB Subjects to the Government of Saudi Arabia

"has been in contact with UBL family members; ardent UBL supporter"

FBI Reports:

4. Associations: Closely associated with___________________(former assistant to ______________________). page 1/3

This is the same document with different redaction's telling us more.....

4. Associations: Closely associated with ________________________Ambassador Prince Bandar). page 2/6

So put together we can eliminate some redactions....

4. Associations: Closely associated with___________________(former assistant to Ambassador Prince Bandar).

Al-Jubeir most likely is the name redacted here.

"In 1987, Al-Jubeir was appointed into the Saudi Diplomatic Service and posted to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, DC, where he served as Special Assistant to then Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan."
In the Joint Inquiry, where the 28 pages were from, his name is spelled Bassnan. And most likely he is in the 28 pages that go into more detail on Bassnan/Basnan and his association with Prince Bandar, and other Saudi Officials.

Here is just some of what the Joint Inquiry, that the 28 pages came from, reported on Bassnan in the public report that was released....

Bassnan lived in the apartment complex in San Diego across the street from al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar page 228/558

Bassnan also had close ties to a number of other persons connected to the hijackers ______________________________________________________________ page 227/858

In 1993, the FBI received reports that Bassnan had hosted a party for the “Blind Sheikh” in Washington, D.C. in 1992. page 228/858

The documents were in Arabic, and one, a newsletter to supporters of the Eritrean Islamic Jihad (EIJ) Movement, provided updates on the EIJ’s council and was marked “confidential.” The box contained letters addressed to Bassnan that discussed plans to import used cars to the United States. page 228/858

The Intelligence Community had information connecting Bin Ladin to the EIJ as of 1996. page 229/858

In addition,FBI documents note that a high-level member of the EIJ was on Bin Ladin’s Shura Council. A May 2000 FBI document indicates that FBI Headquarters personnel were not handling EIJ matters due to resource constraints. page 229/858

"A May 2000 FBI document indicates that FBI Headquarters personnel were not handling EIJ matters" page 229/858

FBI Headquarters = Louis Freeh AKA Prince Bandar's Lawyer

Former FBI chief defends flow of money to Saudi ambassador
Freeh, who is now a lawyer and consultant for Bandar


After September 11, the FBI developed information clearly indicating that Bassnan is an extremist and a Bin Ladin supporter. page 229/858

Much redactions concerning Bassnan even outside of the 28 pages.

Philip Zelikow and the 9-11 Commission takes the case.....

9-11 Commission meets with the Saudis

9-11 declassified released notes:

Nizar expressed disbelief about the allegations regarding Princess Haifa, noting that it was preposterous that she was involved in terrorism. Zelikow expressed understanding of this position and explained that the interest was primarily due to the unclear role of Osama Bassnan - if the Commission could learn more about his role, everything could be put in a clearer perspective."

According to the commissions own documents he has lots to lie about......

Basnan Interview with Commission:

"The interview failed to yield any new information of note. Instead, in the writer's opinion, it established beyond cavil the witness' utter lack of credibility on virtually every material subject."

So? Well, let's see what the 9-11 Commission says in rebuttal to the joint inquiry......

A search of the 9-11 Commission report shows that Bassnan/Basnan is not even mentioned in the report. He is mentioned in a footnote at the end of the book that said...

Contrary to highly publicized allegations, we have found no evidence that Hazmi or Mihdhar received money from another Saudi citizen, Osama Basnan. Page 533/585

But AFAIK no one has claimed Hazmi or Mihdhar received money from Basnan. The story is it was Bayoumi,/wife, who got the money from Basnan/wife, who got the money from Prince Bandar/wife.

Notice how this buried footnote describes Basnan...

found no evidence that Hazmi or Mihdhar received money from another Saudi citizen, Osama Basnan. Page 533/585

See? He's just a citizen of Saudi Arabia, and has nothing to do with the Government or Government Officials, or Intelligence agencies. Just a citizen, living in California at this time.

Despite what the FBI reports said.

However there is also this odd footnote as well, concerning a woman in California in contact with Ramzi BinalShibh........

A buried footnote in 9-11 commission:

From 9-11 Commission report:

"Even after the last application was rejected, Binalshibh sought ways to get a visa, such as by marrying a U.S. citizen. He corresponded by email with a woman in California, but Atta told him to discontinue this effort."- footnote 52 page 536/585

Who is this woman in California Binalshibh is in contact with concerning a crime called marriage fraud?

What a coincidence! It turns out Basnan and his wife, in California, were both arrested after 9-11 and are convicted felons. It seems Basnan had a habit of doctoring visas, his wife among them, and she was ripping off the American Taxpaying Infidels by engaging in Marriage Fraud. Starting in 1997 to claim welfare benefits. She was already under investigation starting in Feb of 2000, according to court documents as seen here.....


"Binalshibh sought ways to get a visa, such as by marrying a U.S. citizen. He corresponded by email with a woman in California"

This "woman in California" is Basnan's wife, a convicted felon for "marrying a U.S. citizen". This is confirmed by the FBI Agent that investigated Basnan who according to the 9-11 Commission's own declassified documents......

"When asked whether there were any other 9/11 leads he found interesting, ________stated that one interesting fact is that Osama Basnan's _________________________was in phone and e-mail contact with Ramzi Binalshibh in September 2000.

Looks like the 9-11 Commission "forgot" to mention "phone and e-mail"....and changed it to .."He corresponded by email with a woman in California"

Philip Zelikow is not just protecting Saudi Intelligence agents. He is protecting Saudi terrorists who are convicted felons.

"You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists" - G Bush

Six Laws with no Statute of Limitations

3. War Crimes: If you commit a series of crimes against humanity - a la Slobodan Milosevic - then you will never be forgiven just because you have lived a long happy life.

5. Treason: Some of our famous spy cases have been prosecuted decades after the events took place. We never forgive treason.

The clock is ticking