Put Your Name And A Comment In The Congressional Record

From Democrats.com:

Put Your Name in the Congressional Record in Support of Impeachment

Rep. Dennis Kucinich wants to put the name of everyone who supports Dick Cheney's impeachment in the Congressional Record!

The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session and is fully searchable.

Every day that Congress is in session, Rep. Kucinich will submit 5 single-spaced pages of names with states, which is the daily limit under House rules. To be included, all you need to do is submit this petition.

If you follow the link provided you'll find a form requesting your name, address, AND A BRIEF PERSONAL COMMENT. Here is YOUR opportunity to put your name on record throughout history as not only supporting impeachment but, for example, expressing the woeful inadequacy of the investigation of 9/11.

I'd recommend keeping it short, to the point, CIVIL and accurate (that is, not speculative).

I followed your suggestion,

adding my name to the roster. Here is what I wrote in the comments space:

Mr. Cheney needs to answer regarding evident lies about Iraq having WMD's. He needs to answer regarding depleted uranium usage in the Middle Eastern wars, and about what happened on 9/11 (e.g., "the orders still stand.") He deserves a fair trial as provided by the Constitutional impeachment process.