Transcript of History Channel Segment on WTC 1 & 2

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1.Conspiracy Theory: The speed of the collapse was too fast

1A. [Prof. Steven Jones]
You would expect the tower to absorb the shock but not just fail completely, and certainly not in less than 15 seconds as we observe.

1B. [Sofia Shafquat] That's basically free-fall speed. I have a hypothetical demonstration. A collapse is clunkety clunk, clunkety clunk, clunkety clunk, floor by floor.
Say that 110 times, and a major Republican tried this, he took his watch with the second hand and he said clunkety clunk 110 times, it took him over 3 minutes.

"Expert" Response
2A. Controlled demolitions always begin from the bottom of the building. You cut the bottom columns and then the building falls. If you look at the World Trade Center, both of them began at the impact wounds of the planes.

2B. What they're trying to say is all kinds of explosives that were perfectly timed, and that top section fell a lot faster than it would have if it had to force all this other debris down, and that's just not true, it's just factually inaccurate.

3. Conspiracy Theory: WTC fires did not burn hot enough to melt structural steel.

3A. No building built out of structural steel that is designed to house people has ever collapsed before or since 9/11 due to structural fire. And there are many, not just one or two, there are many instances where fires have burned much hotter and much longer, and stood.

3B. [Sofia] Jet fuel is a hydrocarbon, that's all. It maxes out in a controlled burn at 1800 degrees. Steel starts melting at 2750 degrees. Now we're 1000 degrees apart, and office fires burn at this really low temperature of 600-800 degrees.
So regardless of the fuel, the temperature of an office fire is not sufficient to weaken steel.

"Expert" Response
4A. As the debris flew through the building at almost 500 mph it caused equivalent to sandblasting all the steel.
So all the fireproofing came off and that meant that the steel was naked, it would have been subject to the fire.

4B. Engineers do agree it would have taken a much hotter fire to melt the steel supporting the floors. But they say it didn't have to melt to compromise the building's structural integrity.

4C. The fires burned at a temperature of about 1100 degrees in some cases. That's sufficient for the steel to lose half its strength. Now if it only has half its strength it doesn't have the ability to support the floors above it any more.

5. Conspiracy Theory: Demolition explosives are visible just before the Twin Towers collapse.

5A. Excerpt from Loose Change.
In all the videos of the collapses, explosions can be seen bursting from the buildings 20 to 30 stories below the demolition wave.

5B. [Sofia S.] If you just look at the videos and you just see these puffs coming out floor by floor by floor, it's apparent that the floors are being blown out of the way as the building was falling.

5C. There were a lot of things happening on the screen that I would not normally expect to see in just a structural failure, specifically, jets of what appears to be gas or possibly explosions, coming out of the sides of the buildings long before any of the debris had gotten down there.

6. "Expert" Response. [Cartoon of WTC-shaped squishy gray popsicle going splat over and over]

6A. As the buildings collapsed they literally pulverized the materials inside the buildings, the concrete floors of the building were essentially turned to dust as were the sheetrock walls, that's why you saw this light gray colored dust forming as the buildings collapsed.

6B. A building like that is like a giant accordion, it's full of air. When the top of that building comes down,all that air has to come out, and where it comes out, it comes out the windows, it blows out the windows.

6C. There was just an enormous amount of energy that was being formed by the collapse of the building and that energy compressed the air and caused the dust to be blown out the side of the building.

7. Conspiracy Theory: Witnesses heard "secondary explosions."

7A. [Sofia] The witness testimonials are fantastic, because these people spoke absolutely reflexively when they were there about what they heard and experienced, and they used the word "explosion" over and over.

7B. [Narrator]
Some of those accounts were reported in the chaotic moments just after the attacks.
"We received word of a secondary device that is another bomb going off."

7C. [Jason Bermas] Pat Dawson talked to some members of the FBI and they expressed that they believed that secondary explosives were used to demolish the WTC and that was onsite moments after the collapse of the building.

"Expert" Response.
8A. In fact, Dawson, who became a part of the story himself when conspiracy theorists cited his report, never interviewed FBI officials at Ground Zero. It was Fire Chief Albert Turi he spoke to just minutes after the North Tower collapsed, when confusion and rumors were rampant.

8B. [Fire Chief Albert Turi] There was a secondary explosion, probably a device that had been planted before or on the aircraft that did not explode and it exploded an hour later.

8C. What is important to remember is what Chief Turi said and what he didn't say.
What he said was that he thought he heard secondary explosions in the building prior to the collapse. What he didn't say was that he heard bombs.

8D. There are things that happened inside the building, pieces coming loose as a result of the extreme impact very well may have been interpreted as explosions.

8E. I think the accounts are people trying to figure out what was happening on one of the most chaotic days in American history.

9. Conspiracy Theory: Rigging of Twin Towers with explosives was an "Inside Job"

9A. [Jim Fetzer] There were odd security lapses in Buildings 1 and 2 the North and South Tower for the two weeks before the events took place, where large sections of the buildings were shut down, the employees were sent home, the security apparatus was turned off and teams of so-called engineers were given access to the buildings, which raises the question is it then possible that there were previously positioned explosives in Buildings 1 and 2.

9B. [Webster Tarpley] No force can do that, except a force inside the US command structure itself, who is capable of preparing the Twin Towers and Building 7 for controlled demolition. That's got to be a force that's massively present here in the United States

"Expert" Response
10A. It would take an army of workers, it would take months, you'd have to strip all the sheet rock off the wall, you'd have to run 100's of miles of wiring all throughout the building in order to wire a building for demolition
so this idea that some crew in black would sneak inside during the night and then wire a building for demolition, it's absurd

10B. The biggest problem for me is how do you put explosives in those exact spots where the plane hit before the plane hit. Because that's where the building failed. Everyone can agree on that.


I 've always say to speculate is bad for our truth movement,but i can't help throwing this idea around for discussion.
The last comment on how did they place explosives in the exact spot of the plane impacts?
Remember seeing the films on lazer guided weapons? We all know they can take off, fly ,and land a 767 by remote. Or a homeing becon could have guided them in as well. Damn i hated to speculate.
The bottom line is we already have enough justifiable questions to warrent a new INDEPENDANT INVESTIGATION!
The cherry picked ,one sided History Channel hit piece made me sick.

2B of the "Experts"

"2B" is Brent Blanchard of Protec:

His claim about how he is confused about how explosives could have been placed in the exact spots where the planes collided with the WTC towers is meant to obfuscate the 911 truth theory of controlled demolition.

The cherry picking of Dr. Jones' statement that explosives could have been planted at the collapse point of the buildings makes it seem as if the 9/11 truth movement is saying that explosives were ONLY placed EXACTLY where the planes came in, which would make such a task exceptionally difficult (it also sounds as if Mr. Blanchard is arguing that the CD theory assumes al Qaeda operatives piloted the planes and that the orchestrators of the controlled demolitions somehow miraculously read their minds knew in advance where the crashes would take place!).

If the makers of the History Channel documentary had included more of Dr. Jones' interview, it no doubt would have been clear that the point in question is that the entire building was very likely laced with heat-resistant (or heat-proof) explosives in advance and wherever the planes crashed was where the first explosive charges, when necessary, were set off by remote control.

HC hit piece

8C. What is important to remember is what Chief Turi said and what he didn't say.
What he said was that he thought he heard secondary explosions in the building prior to the collapse. What he didn't say was that he heard bombs.

This is Pat Dawson lying or "misremembering". I have the clip of him, and I linked to it in my review. I used your transcript . You can see it here:

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