Letter Of Support From 9/11 Family Member Michele Little

Thank you Michele. - Jon

Open Letter

My name is Michele Little, sister of Fallen Firefighter FDNY, David M. Weiss of Rescue 1, Midtown Manhattan.

I met Jon Gold in Chandler, AZ at the 9/11 Accountability Conference in February 2007 where I was an invited to speak as a family member. Jon and I became fast friends and we speak on a consistent basis.

Jon is known by many family members as a compassionate man who stands by our side for truth and justice. Through the 9/11 Truth Movement, he speaks out sharing his knowledge for truth and justice with anyone who is ready to wake up to facts that are pivotal to being an American.

To hear anything to the contrary as many people heard through Webster Tarpley’s words and finger pointing in New York City the weekend before September the 11th Memorial was unimaginable and unexpected.

Jon is a good man with good intentions and should be honored for his kindness, thoughtfulness and outspokenness on behalf of the 9/11 Family Members, Survivors and 9/11 Responders.

It is astounding to me that six years later, as we find that most of the conspiracy theories that we started out with have become irrevocable facts, we can still find ourselves fighting and pointing fingers at one another. What is the sense of this?

Unless we have something to hide, by this point we should have had some reconciliation of September the 11th, 2001 and the family members and our loved ones who were murdered would have some completion.

Isn’t it time to stop the finger pointing? Isn’t it time to unite together and bring hope to the world? Do you believe that hope and justice are essential for our children and for the generations to come?

I believe that this is the only moment we have; make it the most precious moment we’ve got! How about you?

Michele Little
Sister of Fallen Firefighter
FDNY David M. Weiss
Rescue 1 Midtown Manhattan


is a good man with good intentions and should be honored..."

I've personally met him only once, and I knew that was true.

I can only speak...

Interesting letter Jon.

Did this come to you unexpectedly or did you ask her for a letter of reference?

What I'm afraid of, Jon, is that people will confuse a rational critique of the information you push with an attack on Jon Gold...and therefor an attack on ....911 Victims FAMILY MEMBERS. In fact, this theme has already been used to defend information you've posted that I've been critical of.

Who is this letter directed towards Jon? Is Tarpley the only Jon Gold antagonist that Mrs. Miller knows of? She seems to be writing about a larger 'anti-Jon Gold' problem then just Tarpley.

I'll go read what Tarpley said about you and come back to discuss.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Jon has received MANY

letters of support from many prominent people. I was cc'd on an amazing one today, which was unasked for, but Jon refused to post it on 911blogger because it was confidential.

I'm sure he has. He's done lots.

I don't doubt he has. He's done much work for 9/11 Truth. I was specifically referring to THIS letter. The letter is not addressed to Jon but as an open letter.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Show "If..." by Jon Gold

Yes, & these posts will still be there.

when everything comes out in the wash.

Not my site, but I have faith they won't be deleted anytime soon. Unlike this post, which could go down the memory hole at any time.

So did you....

So did you ask her to write this for you or not?

I can't imagine that this one web site with 5 or 6 visitors per day prompted Mrs. Little to write a letter of reference for Jon Gold let alone cause you so much distress.

The questions I ask are never out of line buddy. You instantly assume the role of victim when anyone is critical of information you provide.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Show "You're an idiot..." by Jon Gold

I s

Jon, have I slandered you in this blog? Have I done more then just ask you a few simple questions which you FINALLY answered after you assumed your role as the....

"most abused 9/11 Truther in American history"?

Read my questions again. I've been nothing but cordial until now.

You fucking drama queen sissy attention whore.

I asked you a few questions, remaining cordial at all times. All I've ever done is question your research. Obviously, you can't take that and you always assume that I"m attacking Jon Gold and you assume the role as 'resident punching bag'.....

The funny thing is that most of your blogs get no discussion. I guess that is what you are looking for huh?

You just want Jon Gold lovers who will support any and all of what you say? Anything less is a disruption?

Post about Sibel Edmonds, I'll be there.
Post about Pakistan ISI goose chase, I'll be there.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

I wouldn't take anything

I wouldn't take anything Tarpley says too seriously. He's clearly in an advanced state of mental deterioration. At this point I'm just trying to figure out who ISN'T working for the Ford Foundation. Webster has given us a partial list: Jim Fetzer (space beams), Nico Haupt (TV fakery), Jimmy Walter (ditto), Alfred Webre, ("technologies like anti-gravity and time travel in the possession of certain governments ... have been transferred by extraterrestrials."), "Captain Eric May" ("Hollywood is controlled by the Jews").

If these are the good guys, you can count me among the bad. Still waiting for my cheque from the Ford Foundation though. Sure would help with the student loan!

I'm sick of all this "disinfo" and "shill" crap. It's giving me a headache.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month