Note from David Ray Griffin, Statement of Support for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative


David Ray Griffin
June 1, 2008

Although I was not able to be present at the rally either in person or by telephone, I wanted to express my strong support for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative.

There has never been a better time to get such an initiative on the ballot, because the 9/11 Truth Movement's case against the official account of 9/11 is now extremely strong---much stronger than it was just two years ago.

For example, new evidence has been brought forth to show that the official account of the destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 cannot possibly be true. The NIST Report has been shown to be completely inadequate, and a former employee of NIST has spoken out to verify what we already suspected---that NIST has become totally politicized, so that its scientists are little more than "hired guns."

Besides the fact that the NIST Report has been discredited, so has The 9/11 Commission Report. Philip Shenon's book has made public what we in the movement have long known, that the 9/11 Commission was controlled by a man, Philip Zelikow, who represented the Bush-Cheney White House. Shenon even shows that Zelikow had outlined the whole report before the Commission's staff had begun its work.

Moreover, some central pillars of the official account have been demolished by the FBI. It has said it has no hard evidence that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the attacks, that there were no cell phone calls from passengers to relatives from any of the planes, and that Barbara Olson's famous phone call from Flight 77 to her husband, Solicitor General Ted Olson, never happened.

Equally important, there has been a tremendous influx of professionals with relevant kinds of expertise in the movement---military officers, pilots, CIA and other intelligence officials, architects, and engineers. A few years ago, critics ridiculed our claims about the World Trade Center by saying that these claims were not supported by any architects and engineers. But in the past year, some 400 architects and engineers have signed Richard Gage's petition for a new investigation.

Accordingly, if there IS a new investigation, and if it is this time a GENUINE investigation, there can be little doubt what the outcome will be. As I argued in Debunking 9/11 Debunking, the evidence that 9/11 was an inside job is overwhelming. The only task is to get people to look at the evidence.

I hope, therefore, that many dozens of people make the commitment to go out in the next few weeks to gather signatures. We know from polls that close to 50% of residents of NYC were already suspicious of the official story several years ago. There are, accordingly, more than enough people out there willing to sign the petition. All that is necessary is enough people to commit themselves to work enough hours to gather those signatures.

If you help get this initiative on the ballot, your name will surely be included in the universe's list of heroes.

Best wishes,

David Griffin

David Ray Griffin - Media

So glad to see DRG come out in support of this....

....ballot initiative....I really hope the NY Truther community will pull out all the stops to get enough signatures in time....we need to show that 9/11 Truth has popular support and demands answers whenever the opportunity arises.

(Correspondingly, I was disappointed and perplexed to see lackluster support for this seemingly obvious positive development from so many regulars the last time this effort was posted here).

Thank you David Ray Griffin

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Ditto, altruist...

This is easily the most important develpment for 9/11 truth thus far... at least since the prospect of getting a theater release of LCFC, which didn't happen.

Who here doesn't want to see this on the Ballot? Who doesn't want to see a new investigation into 9/11 with subeona power and including family members and researchers? Identify yourselves.

Thanks DRG.

NYC Ballot

"Who here doesn't want to see this on the Ballot? Who doesn't want to see a new investigation into 9/11 with subeona power and including family members and researchers? Identify yourselves."

I support the ballot in its concept and I think it can be successful but I wrote:

"I believe that if such a commission were to take place, it is a given that every trick in the book will be used to disrupt and discredit it. That includes ad hominem attacks against the commissioners and any "dirt" that can be highlighted. ...

My suggestion here, is that the commission have guidelines and a code to follow in the situation of disruption, conflicts of interest, or negative public perceptions. This includes the possible removal of members of the commission and its staff. There has to be an understanding that the commission WILL be disrupted and discredited by any means necessary. This would be the single most dangerous challenge facing the sacred basis of the war on terror. If the goal of the commission is truth and justice, any steps must be taken to effectively minimize distractions and negative publicity."

Some have criticized the ballot here--particularly the association with Les Jamesion who has advocated some of the worst hoax material (Fetzer, etc.) in the 9/11 movement. Some have questioned his ultimate role and involvement:
Arabesque: 911 Truth

I tend to agree that this is

I tend to agree that this is the most important development for 911 truth thus far - at least potentially. However, while lending moral support is nice, it's not necessarily going to lead to a SINGLE signature.

I have just sent an email to various members of the 911 Truth steering committee, asking them if I can donate MONEY specifically to hire workers to help gather signatures. Furthermore, I asked them to set this up, if it isn't done, already.

While I appreciate DRG offering encouragement, we shouldn't forget that talk is cheap. That goes for all of us, of course. Here are the email addresses. It can't hurt if additional people make the same request of them. (I haven't gotten an answer yet, so it's possible that they do have such a program. If so, they hide it well....).,,,,,,,,,,

A good place to start looking for organizations that can facilitate crowdfunding is probably: Most of these seem quite specific, but at least one - - looks like it will do.

I posted at stj911, and then

I posted at stj911, and then sent the steering committe of stj911 an email requesting that they:

1) contact the steering committee, asking them to set up a fund so that individuals can donate specifically to fund workers to get 911 ballot initiative signatures
2) send an email to the stj911 membership, asking them to contribute, and to ask their contacts to contribute
3) post an article on the stj911 website asking anybody and everybody to contribute

I also wrote "Let's put this another way - if we can't get a citizen-driven initiative underway, how on earth can anybody believe that Congress will, 7+ years after the fact, decide that there really is a need for a re-investigation?"

The 911 ballot initiative is

The 911 ballot initiative is separate from You can make a donation at :

I will do so in a few minutes, but I'm a little depressed that there's not a concerted effort by 911 activists to make this a common priority, and that there seems to be no way to know how much of the money will be spent to help gather signatures, much less any other use. I'd really like to see a realistic budget for signature-gatherers, as well as know how much money has been raised specifically towards this end, already.

Just a thought: there are

Just a thought: there are very successful businesses that employ students to market products and services to other students, especially textbooks and spring break vacation trips. Their networks probably survive mostly intact through the summer, so I believe it may be easy to hire a cheap student workforce.

Yeah, where are the YouTube videos....

...of NY Truther groups out collecting signatures, engaging the public, handing out DVDs, etc. at malls, parks, concerts, street fairs all over NYC and NY state? What a great cause to rally behind and make even more people aware of the lies behind the Official Fairy Tale and pursue Justice for, not only the victim's of 9/11, but for all of America as well.

Where IS everybody in the NY area on this? If I didn't know better, I'd think there was a concerted effort to undermine or sabotage (petty, baseless smears by some, conspicuous lack of positive input from others) what could be an incredibly powerful step forward in getting a legitimate investigation, something we all profess to want. Well, here is everyone's (in NY at least) chance to walk the walk.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars


Richard Gage was on AJ on Friday and he said they expect to have 1000 architects and engineers signed on by the next anniversary.

Passed 400 TODAY!

North Texans for 911 Truth (new site)
North Texans for 911 Truth Meetup Site

Richard Gage - Alex Jones Show 5/29

Additional Richard Gage Media including ABC Radio's Christine Craft and the Peter B Collins Show:



What a patriot!!

Quoting Griffin:
"The only task is to get people to look at the evidence."

"I hope, therefore, that many dozens of people make the commitment to go out in the next few weeks to gather signatures...."

"If you help get this initiative on the ballot, your name will surely be included in the universe's list of heroes."



If one does not thoroughly LOOK, the TRUTH is not visible.

I went to NYC

for the voter initiative rally & I can tell you right now that some young, sharp blood needs to get involved. The leadership might have good intention, but it seemed to be a lot of activists who have fought many battles for a long time.

I believe WE ARE CHANGE in NYC is NOT involved & that needs to change if you really want this to go somewhere.

More Needed

This effort is definitely in need of WE ARE CHANGE, who need to step in here, and about 1000 students (who are not working) and who could devote some time to getting signatures. This is no time to take a swipe at Les Jamison who is putting in a huge effort to get this ballot before the NY City Council. The familiies of 9/11 have not yet been in involved and they need to be - this initiative is for them, and the rest of the country.

Agreed.... seems a lot of people repeat the mantra for a "a new investigation" when nothing is going on in that regard, but when something real is put forward in (their own backyard), it's time to nitpick about some of the people involved or wring our hands about how that investigation might be discredited IN THE FUTURE....


DRG's endorsement is more than good enough for me.

C'mon New York, step up!

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Gather signatures AND build support...

I am one of the many unable to sign my name, but willing to have handed out 1,000s of deception dollars and 100s of DVD.

People who are gathering signatures should also be handing out effective outreach materials.

Deception dollars for free and DVDs for a dollar should have a net cost of about zero and therefore be sustainable.

To use a sports analogy, to win in baseball you need pitching, hitting and fielding (etc.)

Lets use all the skills that we need to win.

Then they must hurry

"Richard Gage was on AJ on Friday and he said they expect to have 1000 architects and engineers signed on by the next anniversary."

It has taken quite a while to get the 400 names, and there are only 3 months left until the anniversary. I've been told by some AE members that verification is also a bottleneck.

Richard and Alex

I went to the May 30th presentation in Chicago. If you have the opportunity, make sure you take people who are curious but not convinced. Richard, in my opinion, has crafted a very compelling presentation. The evidence when presented in a organized fashion leads most people to its natural conclusion.

I agree his presentation is compelling...

However, as another AE member wrote to me, they should pay more attention on how to translate the membership number they have into a legal process, rather than just trying to get more professionals on board.

What is the end goal?

All the names in the world won't do a thing without teeth. The merger of legal talent, deep pockets, and undeniable facts must work towards justice. Richard and many others are doing a splendid job in turning the tide, yet there must be a confluence of talent if these heroic efforts will deliver justice through our legal system, corrupt as it may be, currently.

Budget (ala Les Jamieson)

I sent an email to the 911 ballot people, asking for a budget that would include funding requirements for hiring some people to get signatures. I got this answer from Les Jamieson:


Thanks very much for your inquiry and desire to help this ultra-important campaign effort.

Hire 250 people to gather signatures
@$10/hr for 30 hrs/week for 4 weeks $30,000

10 team leaders for 30 hrs/week
@$15/hr for 4 months $9,000

Support staff/administration $2,000

PR firm for 1 month $4,000

Ads on Air America Radio
local NYC market @$120 for
each 60-sec. spot @15 per week $1,800

Ad campaign on NY1 Local TV News $20,000

1/4 page ads in Village Voice
4 weeks $2,000

FYI, we have put out a few general appeals and have recently gotten a dozen or so donations. You're absolutely right, tho. If Ron Paul and other politicians can raise millions, you'd think this effort could do well. It's just a matter of getting the word out. Any help or suggestions is most appreciated!

If you haven't seen it, check out to see the work that's going on in the streets. I'll update this soon.


I forgot to mention this. Donations can be made through Paypal or credit card at Also, checks can be made out to
Civic Empowerment Network and mailed to Les Jamieson,
369 51st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220.


Why is Les Jamieson in charge of money?

I fully support the NY 911 Ballot Initiative, but why would I want to give money when Les Jamieson is in charge of the money?

This is a serious question, and I would love to have an answer. Why Les Jamieson? Lots of people do not trust him, and I would love to hear the other side. Let's have out with it.

With you in the struggle,

I have no idea, not being

I have no idea, not being involved in running either the ballot initiative or I will say that I've heard Les speak, he seems very likable, and unless you're worried about him absconding with the dough (based on some alarming facts, not personal feelings), I don't know what your point is.

And where is your evidence of.... malfeasance by Mr. Jameson?

You wouldn't pose such "a serious question" without i right?

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Can't say I'm surprised...

...the silence is deafening....thanks for playing....

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

WE ARE CHANGE - Greater NY 911 Truth Activist Groups Unite

WE ARE CHANGE - Greater NY 911 Truth Activist Groups Unite

There are a dozen New York 911 Truth Activist groups. The purpose of this meetup group is to unite us as one in our cause. We can be separate groups but share resources in a common goal, to expose the truth behind the events of 9/11/01 and the powerful entity behind the scenes known as the nameless New World Order. Our goal is to plant seeds of truth in our fellow man in the pursuit of life, liberty, and subsequent happiness unknown to many generations before us. We ask that any 911 Truth Activist with or without group affiliation post their meetup's here. We are working toward the day that there are hundreds, thousands of truth activist on the streets. We realize that throughout this process many groups will and have been started and divided.

The NWO can take our heartbeat, but they can't break our soul. We all shall be free, They will never take control. We all stand before you as one.

The 911 Truth We Are Change Coalition

Groups: Contact me if you would like to be an organizer updating your events.
Location: New York, NY 10003 40.73-73.99 10003US
Founded: May 24, 2007
Member Fee: none

Rating: 4.0
Members: 737
Meetings: 354 so far

* "It's time to act." —Ms.JIsTrinity
* "Great as usual." —Louis DeVlugt

Please be CIVIL in the streets...

I deeply respect and admire Dr. David Ray Griffin, but being a "street beast" from the 60s and 70s peace movements, and an activist since then, I state that my self assigned Phd comes from the streets, and more is needed than to just get people to view the evidence. Although that's perhaps the first step. Protesters from the 60s simply FORGOT to make sure that their comrades remained a political force. They did their loud marching, and then went on vacation for 40 years...and look what has happened.

For some time now I and others have been attempting to change these old style self-limiting behaviors when conducting "street actions" into the modern info age...and with conversation and specifically WITHOUT confrontation. Its called CI...Civil Informationing.

In this case in NYC, its nothing more than being on street corners, or subways, or at Central Park during outdoor summer concerts...or...where ever the best place exists to INFORM NYC CITIZENS...and more importantly, to ask them to become involved. This is an excercise in being polite in public.

Bull horning at empty buildings and yelling at the "sheeple" is simply NOT going to get very many signatures on what now DRG has supported as being an important issue. Webster Tarpley's "9/11 GOON Squads" are simply put, the completely wrongheaded way to go...just ask New Hampshire citizens about what they thnk of Lyndon LaRouche and his confrontational crazyness. "Get outta here LaRouche.." is the common welcome given when Tarpley's strategists and activists knocked on NH doors.

C'mon, Les and Luke and all you folks, if you just think for a moment about who you are trying to get to sign the petition, you will be able to be in the right place doing the right thing with the right attitudes and showing the right visuals and wearing the right clothes to MAKE THE SALE.

PLEASE dump the confrontations...PLEASE change out from anarchistic black colors and grab some red, white, and blue...and a bunch of other colorings. PLEASE come up with signs that encourages citizens to reject the governemental lying and asks them to join you in seeking the truth...all truths...PLEASE never, ever, ever argue with morons because YOU will be seen as the moron a majority of the time.

Lets change the entire paradigm of public activism...lets smile, lets talk, lets give out our AMAZING DVDs and info sheets...throw in the word "peace" or paint on a "peace symbol" to help out...but above all else, lets find positive ways to encourage people to become more involved this year than they were last year in their own governance.

For goodness sakes...the anti-war protesters from the 60s have OBVIOUSLY failed completely...lets NOT mimic that failure...we are on the precipice of changing the entire paradigm public activism, and it will be a huge change that not only puts REAL PEOPLE at the tentacle ends of the internet, but what we are up to will last for decades. And we will make powerful lasting changes in grass roots activism....

Check out for just a FEW ideas and concepts behing this new movement. But truthfully, you all have the best ideas that will work in your own towns...just be polite. [BTW...if you do try some CI...Civil Informationing, or have unique ideas, please post it and spread the wealth...and gain some support...]

Lets take the next step upward in CIVILITY...and continue being our own media and INFORMANTS...people will love us...many already do.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon...a street Dr.

Robin Hordon says on his

Robin Hordon says on his website :

There is much more to be gained by changing the black-anarchistic leaning clothing, the screaming at "sheeple", the standard signs and worn out mantras of: "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" and "REINVESTIGATE 9/11" with: "9/11 WAS ANOTHER FALSE FLAG ATTACK"...and take the softer presence and more open respectful conversations from there. This change will build bridges to the people of peace that have not been compromised by the leadership of the peace movements, and it will create a very important and positive discussion, and hopefully, some education with and amongst the USofA's populace.

Bravo, Mr. Hordon! I've talked to family and friends about 911, but at the end of the discussion, the typical answer is that "I don't believe that the government would kill it's own citizens." In other words, not a rational refutation of the facts, but essentially a subjective answer, based on an ingrained world view.

For me, however, having listened to investigative reporter Gary Null for over 25 years, I was only too aware how, ON THE CONTRARY, various agencies of the US government will, indeed, either allow US citizens to be killed, damaged, or experimented on (without their knowledge and consent). And those citizens can even include a sitting US President. Gary Null has done a multi-part, 1 hour radio show series on the JFK assassination, concerning which he agrees that "there is enough evidence, you could drive a truck through it". Furthermore, almost invariably, NOBODY ever gets punished or reprimanded (save the occasional patsy). Hence, once I was exposed to evidence that 911 was at least LIHOP, and that a 911 coverup was going on, I had no psychological barrier to accepting this.

However, American citizens brought up on mainstream media and 'standard textbook' pap have no such psychological predisposition.

So, you are quite right that taking an antagonistic attitude, or even a mildly confrontational one, will not only run headlong into people's conditioned worldview - it's also likely to make many people view the 911 Truth activists as crazy. I like your suggestions regarding colors, a softer presence, properly contextualizing 911 with other false flag operations, etc., but I will add one or two more, plus some criticism.

First suggestion: Use hooks that ask informative questions, rather than make provocative statements. Rather than signs that say "911 was an inside job" (which can cause deep fears, largely unconscious in some, and create the afore-mentioned "you're crazy!" reaction in others), why not have signs that say "Which congressman quit the 911 commission, declaring it a whitewash?" on one side, and the answer "Max Cleland", on the other? The point is to appeal to the more rational side of the human mind, while also allowing an important meme to slip in that would not otherwise be there.

Second suggestion: Go after young people, in high school and college. Really, this should be a goal of any activist group. Young people have more time, due to fewer commitments, and more energy. Frankly, young people are so pacified, as a whole, that this is not as easy as it would have been 40 years ago and, indeed, I assume during most of modern history. (I attended a pre-Iraq invasion discussion at Princeton University, with most speakers challenging the rightness of it, and there were practically no students present! In fact, most people were 40 years old and up, a fact that was noted by somebody in the audience.) Nevertheless, as trite as it sounds, "young people are the future", and however dumbed down they may be due to excess video games, Ritalin, bad nutrition, dysfunctional families, degenerate culture, lack of education in civics and real history, etc., etc., I don't see how we can realistically make large, relatively quick changes to society without them.

Criticism: What is the end-game? The end-game has to be a responsible government which doesn't commit monstrous deeds against either its own citizens or foreigners. What many activist actions, in the end, aim to do is to beg the current gatekeepers of power - Congressmen and other government officials on the one hand, the media on the other. Other rely on 'raising consciousness', and just hoping that with a more enlightened citizenry, everything "will come out in the wash". However, as Ralph Nader has told us, the "center of government" is continually being tugged at by corporate and other interests. In my view, most of the single issue activist efforts fail, if they can't deliver the votes based on that one issue, alone, and if opposing the public interest is a private one, which knows how to spread campaign cash around. Similarly, the media is privately owned, and serves it's true masters quite well, thank-you very much. All the begging in the world isn't going to make that much difference, with main stream media. Even pleading with alternative media is an exercise in futility, for the most part. (There are exceptions, such as Richard Greene of Air America Radio.)

At the end of the day, anybody serious about changing America has to figure out how to collectively assume REAL political power, by getting responsible people elected to REAL positions of political power, such as Congress. And you can't do that with a single issue. Yes, even 911! In fact, I'd say especially 911, which suffers from a "high strangeness" perception by the uninitiated (which is most of the public). You will know worthy political candidates when you hear them, because you don't have to BEG them to try and reform America in dramatic ways that serve the public good. Instead, they will be trying to LEAD America in a more benevolent direction.

So, instead of putting the cart before the horse, I would challenge 911 Truth activists to get involved with reform efforts of the standard political parties - Democrats and Republicans - as well as third parties, such as the Green Party. In my opinion, it's simply a DELUSION to think that a Congress which is composed of individuals, both Democratic and Republican, and which has a history of funding violent interference in the Middle East to secure 'our' oil supplies, but has no real national energy policy designed to free us from such a dependence, is going to re-investigate 911. The people in Congress aren't dumb, and if a third of Americans, in general, believe in MIHOP or LIHOP, you can be sure that at least a third of Congress does, also. Yet, they keep their mouths shut (with rare exceptions.)

So, for 911 Activists to jabber on about reinvestigating 911, when they can't even get a decent Congress elected, and for the most part, don't even try, makes NO sense to me. Yes, some street type activism has, in American history, led to significant change. Withdrawal from Vietnam and civil rights are the two big ones that come to mind. And yes, just raising consciousness is important, and has value (see my First suggestion, and Second suggestion). But we will never get those types of crowds for most issues, 911 included. And even if we did, riddle me this: "How effective were the massive demonstrations against the Iraq invasion in preventing that fiasco?". Do you see where I'm going with this question?

I see no alternative for real, lasting, change but for John Q. Public to get involved politcally, and to stay involved, politically. To this end, 911 street activists should be challenging the public with questions to make them realize their responsibility as citizens in getting a decent Congress elected. To the point of asking them, e.g., "Why don't YOU run for Congress? Our current congress person not only refuses to support a 911 re-investigation, and not only won't they acknowledge that the first one was a whitewash, they won't even support a national energy policy designed to make us energy independent!" Because, in the end, the issue of John Q. Public taking responsibility, as part of the collective, to assume real political power is the most important lesson that any activist who takes a big picture and long-term view of things can convey. Even if you convince the average Joe that at least LIHOP was likely, just what is he supposed to do about that information? There are many answers to this question, but any answer which doesn't realistically attempt to understand and then change the way that power really works, is ultimately futile.

I would suggest, finally, that all 911 activists study how groups such as the Progressive Democrats of America and the dailykos community are attempting to change the Democratic party, how the Ron Paul supporters are attempting to change the Republican party, and how the Green Party is going about things. These people all know that political power ultimately passes through Washington, and real change depends on who is sitting in the seats of power, there.

They're reform-proof

I appreciate the constructive spirit that informs these comments. But to me, encouraging people to take part in efforts to reform the major parties only serves to perpetuate illusions with respect to the current two-party system. And I have no more hope for a country in which such illusions hold sway than I do for a country in which the official account of 9/11 continues to prevail. To hope for a better future for this country, to me, is to hope for one in which these illusions are recognized as such, and repudiated at long last.

This country needs proportional representation....

...for all parties....that would go a long way toward breaking up the corrupt stranglehold by the 2, really one, parties...

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Are you sure? Just

Are you sure? Just yesterday, Barack Obama clinched the nomination of the Democratic Party, and he is not a member of the DLC. Considering how far he came from behind, against DLC member Hillary Clinton, that's huge. He also has ideas of improving government via technologically assisted citizen involvement. I can almost guarantee you that he's going to reform the Democratic Party. While I doubt that will make much difference in the near term with respect to 911 or other false flag operations, I can't help but conclude that a less corrupted Democratic Party has to be more open to candidates with more integrity and independence, which means you'll have less who "go along to get along."

Speaking of Barack Obama, he has signed the American Freedom Campaign pledge, which seeks to roll back steps taken by the government, especially under Bush II, to take away our civil liberties. Are you sure you want to support, say, a 3rd party presidential candidates and risk getting a McCain elected? (Who, as far as I know, has refused to take the pledge.) See

On the Republican side, Ron Paul got 15% of the Republican South Dakota primary, even though McCain will definitely be the nominee. It appears that Paul is serious about trying to reform the Republican party, as he is still campaigning. I don't follow him and his movement enough to confidently interpret what effect this will have, but remember all movements start out small before they become big, and the Paulistas are definitely not happy about how the Republicans are going about things. And ironically, should an Obama presidency lead to publicly funded elections, the ensuing reform that implies for the Republican party might well revitalize it. You don't think that the utter domination of the Republican Party, at the Congressional level, by big business interests is helping the average Republican voter, do you?

I fully endorse efforts to teach the public about how the parties often collude, their "differences" being more stylistic or philosophical rather than real. They are both certainly guilty of bringing us war and massive public debt, and blame for the deregulation which is bringing us financial chaos can be laid at the feet of both parties. In terms of having accepted the 911 Commission "whitewash", and failing to call for a serious investigation with accountability, both parties are shameful.

But even if you wish to ignore what significant differences the two parties have, the fact is that they collectively control the voting process, making it difficult for 3rd parties to even get on the ballot. Add to that the lack of instant runoff voting, and, for Presidential elections, winner take all state electoral contests, and you've got to ask yourself hard questions about what is an optimal strategy for change. I've no problem with third parties, but for those who (like myself) believe that greater citizen involvement can bring real changes to both parties, it's crazy to ignore them. We need to question not only authority, but also mantras assuring us that existing authorities are irredeemable.

Ron Paul has written: "When

Ron Paul has written:

"When I was deciding whether or not to run for President as a Republican, I re-read Justin Raimondo's Reclaiming the American Right and it gave me hope—that the anti-interventionist, pro-liberty Old Right, which had once dominated the party, could and would rise again. Here is living history: the story of an intellectual and political tradition that my campaign invoked and reawakened. This prescient book, written in 1993, could not be more relevant today."

This leads me to believe that his campaign is more than just about getting 1 man into a position of power, but also aims to reform the Republican party, itself.

Making my points better...

Thank you for making my points better than I can...your "criticism" isn't that at all, its an improvement without doubt.

We share the same views on major protests and some expanded writings on this can be found on and of course, once a Truther watches "Sir! No Sir", and applies what they now know about HI PERP 'psy-ops" skill sets and histories of success, then its game-set-match in that the peaceniks were "psy-oped" into thinking that the ongoing big marches were THE reason for stopping the war, and thusly, were encouraged to continue them...BECAUSE they didn't work.

The entire concept of CI...Civil Informationing, is that people regain contact and credibility with ourselves in our local neighborhoods, and hopefully with the peace activists because EACH group can become a more powerful force than they EVER have been. The concept is to DECENTRALIZE POWER from WDC all the way back down into our own lives first, and then to influence the family, and then the community, and then the county, and then the state, and then the country, and for me and many others, and then the world in positive ways. Saying it more bluntly, we need to:

THROW THE BUMS OUT...of our governance.

90% of the folks in congress were "on watch" on 9/11/2001, and THAT'S THE PROBLEM. It is far more likely that we get another investigation into the events of 9/11 OUTSIDE the USofA than it is to happen with this compromised government. The truth is that IF there is another viable investigation into 9/11 conducted by this country, the congress will be indicting themselves...its really THAT simple!

From my history and view, which resembles yours in many ways, the events on 9/11, once exposed, will provide the very best WINDOW through which the citizens of the world will be able to see over a hundred years of governmental malfeasance conducted at the hand of politicians who are corporate tools with the major corporate influences being the US Military Industrial Complex and their cohorts in the MAJOR OIL COMPANIES. And as we now know, the list of corporate influences is a long one.

While bannering the other day, a fellow came up to chat about his concern about the country and that the major oil companies are actually the ones in control as his uncle had actually been tortured into mental failure by elements of a major oil company because he was not going along with their international operations as they exploited third world countries. I stated that the oil companies couldn't do that without the US Military and Intel agencies being around to cover their thievery. I further stated that I was unable to separate any differences between the MIC and BIG OIL....or their rather identical board members. I suggested that he read John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" and that would lead to understanding what Perkins calls the "corporatocracy". He said he would. [BTW...another example of the fantastic conversations that one can have IF the presentation and behavior is open and friendly...]

The point of the above two paragraphs is that the HI PERPS screwed up on 9/11, and handled well, it may be the propellant for change in this country because TRUTH can be POWER. 9/11 is bigger than 9/11...its legitimizing the process of demanding truth. TRUTH...something that current politicians are not at all comfortable with...even IF they might get a chance to stumble upon it occasionally.

Kucinich and a few others know about 9/11, Ron Paul does not and is an adversary, but other than that, they are all guilty, if not directly, they are guilty for NOT being aware of the government that they were running on 9/11/2001. The buck stops there, and we need to:


The localized NYC ballot initiative is yet another great opportunity for the amazing 9/11 Truth Movement to develop yet another muscle in its march towards change. We should learn how to best do it, and help out where we can.

Thank you for your thoughtful post.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


note: the above words are on the reverse side of my 3' X 6' banner that has "9/11 TRUTH for PEACE" on the front side...and I get 200 positive responses for every ONE negative...and this holds wherever I go all across the country...

Robin Hordon