Final Push for 9/11 Ballot Initiative 2008 - last weekend of July by Douglass E. Wight

Flyby News Alert - 17 July 2008 -
Editor - Jonathan Mark

"I wanted to express my strong support for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative.
There has never been a better time to get such an initiative on the ballot,
because the 9/11 Truth Movement's case against the official account of 9/11
..All that is necessary is enough people to commit themselves to work enough
hours to gather those signatures. If you help get this initiative on the ballot,
your name will surely be included in the universe's list of heroes."

-- David Ray Griffin

Final Push for 9/11 Ballot Initiative 2008 - last weekend of July
by Douglass E. Wight

Nearing the 20,000 signed petition mark, the NYC 911 Ballot Initiative Campaign continues to forge ahead towards our anticipated victory on July 26.

A tremendous amount of progress and success has been made since our campaign's inception in February of 2008. Since February, Ralph Nader, Amy Goodman, Wayne Madsen, Jesse Ventura, Christine Ebersole, former Senators Mike Gravel and Lincoln Chafee, and Ed Asner have all come out in favor of our NYC 911 Ballot Initiative.

Fueled by recent campaign donations of $25,000, we are now in the process of hiring 100 new campaign petitioners. Our goal is to have 150 people out on the streets of New York by July 19th and ramp up for a triumphal weekend on July 26th. To insure our success, we need to turn in 35,000 signed, validated petitions to the New York City Council on August 1st and have another 15,000 signed petitions ready and waiting in the wings to over-ride a possible City Council veto.

The weekend of July 26 is being orchestrated as a grand victory of triumph. However, in order to help make it happen, we need the entire East Coast 9/11 Truth Movement to step-up big time and accept the challenge. Our quest is to place 1,000 ethical warrior heroes on the streets of New York City during the weekend of July 26th. Please,--step-up and be a hero for yourself and the 911 Truth Movement. Please hire buses and set up car pools to come to Gotham City on Friday night, July 25th. Housing will be provided for all those 911 Truth Movement heroes who come to the Big Apple. Paul Revere and the Minutemen are saddling up folks and this is the moment of TRUTH for our great movement.


Respond to Doug Wight, at ;also at (718)492-2192
Assistant Coordinator, NYC 911 Ballot Initiative

For Independent Investigations
NYC 9/11 Ballot

NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Campaign - Senator Mike Gravel

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Former Senator Mike Gravel Calls For Independent 9/11 Investigation and Prosecution of President Bush and Vice President Cheney

(DemocracyNow! interview)

Sounds like a good idea but

even if a new commission is formed and comes to the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job will anyone pay attention to their findings. I am sure they won't get much publicity in the MSM.

you keep hammering away,

you keep hammering away, maddog, you keep hammering away, bulldozing your way into the public forum. We never stop. We never will stop.

Hey, that's weird, but funny

Hey, that's weird, but funny I suppose. It worked. Sorry didn't mean for that many multiple posts...but obviously the Gods are at play...

happened to me on a different thread