Nanothermites and WTC dust

This past year I've done some photomicroscopy of samples of WTC dust. A number of examples of the photos can be found in the latest video. The related scientific analyses of the particles found in the WTC dust, in particular the red-gray chips first discovered by Professor Steven Jones, are ongoing.

But I've also spent some time making nanothermites, and igniting them. Here is a slideshow of 26 photomicrographs, half of which are nanothermite residues and half of which are ferromagnetic particles extracted from WTC dust samples. These photos share many things in common, including the presence of metallic microspheres, vesicular formations and red-orange chips. Sometimes it's hard to remember which photo belongs to which category. If the nanothermite residues were mixed with concrete dust and glass fragments, it would likely be much more difficult to notice any differences.

You can see the slideshow here as well.

Interesting stuff, to be sure. And many thanks to Professor Jones, Janette MacKinlay, Shane Geiger, Mike Berger and others for the samples and inspiration. Scientific papers are on the way, of course, but sharing some of the photos now is worthwhile I think. Here's to a truthful New Year!

Nanothermite (C) ignition

Do nanothermites explain homogenous pulverization of decking?

Could be an important finding to explain the complete pulverization of metal/concrete pre-fab decking
in WTC1 and WTC2.


Combo punch

It was not thermate / thermite alone.... there were more conventional explosives used as well.

I believe that the thermate was used to dramatically weaken the structural members so that the conventional explosives would have far less to do thus producing a minimal noise signature. I don't think that the precise nature of this collapse could have been done using thermate / thermite alone.

I have always thought that the updated computer floors with their massive battery back-ups were far more than meets the eye. They were wired together but they were not backing anything up. These floors were strategically placed up the height of both towers.

These floors were also reportedly fitted with blast proof glass to protect them from aerial terrorist attack.... what that did was help to obscure the explosions from with-in those floors from being seen by those observing this collapse.
Together in Truth!


It's gettin' better all the time.

Looking forward to the slide show with narration.

Luuuuucy - you have some splain'in to do

It might be instructive to choose just one or two photos from each catagory - and explain, in language that the layperson can easily understand - exactly what we are looking at, and why it is sigificant.

I am sure the chemists among us, are fascinated by the entire series, but we ordinary layfolk could use a little
"splainin" at our level.

P.S. For those too young to recognize the phrase "Luuuuucy - you have some splain'in to do"
It's what Ricky Riccardo - Lucille Ball's husband would say to her on the "I Love Lucy Show."

Keep up the good work, Kevin Ryan et al

It is nice to see that a real 9/11 investigation is proceeding despite the fact that so many consider the matter to be closed. Imagine how much quicker, thorough and more credible the investigation would be if we had the $19 million instead of NIST. Nevertheless, the truth will emerge slowly but surely.

I agree with the previous poster. Can someone explain what we are looking at and why it is important? Some people have suggested that these bi-layered chips are primer paint. What can be ruled in or out at this point?

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The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


I've been studying the sol-gel method to creating nanocomposites and much of the literature seems to indicate that that nanothermite produces more of an energetic light/heat reaction but not necessarily one that is explosive (unless gas generating agents are included in the mix). What are your observations?

Are these pictures of the reaction of sol-gel nanothermite or did you somehow acquire nano sized aluminum/iron oxide through some other means (like simply purchasing it)?

I haven't performed any sol gel experiments yet, energetic or otherwise, but I have been doing a LOT of reading up on the science (which has so far proven to be immensely fascinating).

As far as the literature is concerned, sol-gel thermite at least appears to be more safe to handle than standard thermite in that it is more friction resistant and stable. Even so, I would rather venture into the unknown with a map than without.

Do you have any advice to offer me in terms of safety and/or regulatory issues?


for the comments.

More information about nanothermites can be found in my paper here.

A rough description of each photo can be found at the Flickr slideshow, by clicking on "Show info" in the upper right corner. The nanothermites here are sol-gel formulations.

And yes, such sol-gel materials can be explosive. See this reference from the folks at LLNL (p 8-11), on how they were using them to create "high explosives" in the late '90s.

Finally, the phrase "Oh Lucy! - You Gotta Lotta 'Splainin To Do" is the title of one of the most famous of all 9/11 research articles.

Great work, Kevin.

That photo of the exploding super-thermite is awesome!

And I notice a number of shiny, metallic-looking spheres in the residue... Very exciting research, my friend!

A humble request

Would it be possible to perhaps provide a set of these photos with reference to where you are seeing these speres and perhaps an explanation of the various compounds for us laypeople trying to wrap our heads around this amazing evidence? I am trying to collect as much information as possible, just like the rest of us very passionate individuals, but to me these look like rusty flakes (from my understanding, that's precisely what they are with other chemicals compounds intermingled) and little else. Perhaps a more detailed diagram over-laid on the photos would make these a more accessable research tool and education tool for waking the masses up. This is very powerful stuff, and I sincerely appreciate all the extremely hard work you gentlemen have put into making this evidence available for us. Thanks for the hope!!

Dave Nehring

Thanks again to you both

for your relentless efforts, gentlemen.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

Thermite/Thermate Hypothesis Is Leading Candidate

Of all of the possible causes for the WTC tower destructions (including the official), the thermite/thermate hypothesis contains the most visual and physical evidence.

A real investigation pursuing this aspect would probably easily lead to perpetraitors.

Depositions of Port Authority figures (surviving WTC building engineers, managers, etc.) and Silverstein Properties figures could lead to contracts, contractors, persons of interest and so on.

All that is needed is the investigative authority.

Thank You Kevin

After watching "Blueprint for Truth" for a third time last evening, I am now convinced the elevator renovations and actions of Ace Elevator co. are the key to any real investigation.

"Conspiracy Theories" v. "Official Theories"

- Images of white-hot combustion generating white smoke minutes before collapse. (WTC 2)
- Molten material emerging from same location moments later.
- Numerous references to WTC molten material deposits.
- WTC dust containing evidence of extreme incendiary use.


- Speculative computer models.
- Speculative "thermal expansion" theories ("new phenomenon")
- "Pancake" theories later retreated from.
- Incomplete evidence collection.

I agree

The evidence that WTC1,2 and 7 were engineered for destruction is overwhelming(i.e. beyond a reasonable doubt) at this point. All the evidence, observational, experimental, forensic, points to an engineered demolition. I even hesitate to call the official explanation a "theory". I prefer to call it what it is, "Nonsense". There is the nonsensical explanation and the one scientific one.

However, it is not the science, discovered by the 9/11 Truth Movement, that people can't accept. It is the implications of what that evidence would imply.


was your nanothermite residue magnetical?
One can wonder when the other red/grey chips were.

Do there some kind of elemental analysis of your own made reference samples exists?
Do they match the red/grey chips samples?

And as far as I saw these reference probing isn't included in the latest study. Why not?

Thanks so much for your efforts.