Olbermann: 8 years in 8 minutes - 1/16/09

Come on Keith, JUST SAY IT.

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Most likely to break the story.

Keith Olberman, mainstream news anchor most likely to open the Pandora's box of 9/11 Truth.


"And bin Laden? Living today in..."

How does he know bin Laden is alive? Doesn't he even suspect that the guy could be dead?

Griffin told me that he once sent a letter to Olberman, but never received a reply. He also suspected that his book "9/11 Contradictions" may have been sent to him. Has anyone done that?

How sure can we be that this guy has really looked into it? Or is he just some kind of a "pressure valve", concentrating on things many or even most people already know, while covering up the biggest lies and crimes?

Just asking.