News from Anders Bjorkman, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer joins up.

AE911Truth Surpassed 602 Credentialed Members [2/5/2009].

News from AE911Truth:

Feb 5, 2009
Anders Björkman named New Petitioner of the Month
— Editor

WTC 1 - Introduction - Learning from Ship Collisions by Anders Björkman (M.Sc), updated 2 February 2009

Anders Bjorkman, with more than 40 years experience in steel structural design and structural damage analysis, joins petition effort.

AE911Truth is proud to add Anders Bjorkman to its list of petition signers. Bjorkman, M. Sc. Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, is the managing director of Heiwa Co. of Beausoleil, France, specializing in ship safety and ship management audits. Bjorkman has more than 40 years experience of steel structural design including structural damage analysis.

Bjorkman is most noted as the leading critic of the official investigation and report concerning the M/S Estonia disaster. He has authored two books to this end, Lies and Truths about the M/V Estonia accident (1998), and, in eBook form, Disaster Investigation (2001).

Bjorkman is now bringing the same critical thinking, the same skills in analyzing structural damage, and abilities as a writer to the destructions of the WTC buildings. As he explains, "having investigated the structural destructions of many ship collisions, the WTC1 destruction is in many respects similar to a collision between two steel ships." Check out his recent writings on WTC1 at The Case for Collapse / Crush-down Arrest and Clear Thinking.

WTC 1 - Introduction - Learning from Ship Collisions by Anders Björkman (M.Sc), updated 2 February 2009

Anders Björkman has courageously pursued the Truth....

Mr Björkman has made various submissions concerning the Estonia to authorities and to journals. His brother, Mr Per Björkman, is a lawyer involved in new representations to the governments of Sweden, Finland, and Estonia, to re-examine the disaster.

9-11, the London Bombings & the Sinking of Estonia.
"The unexplained sinking of the Baltic ferry Estonia on its way to Stockholm from Tallinn in late September 1994 is the third mega-disaster that occurred within the framework of a military exercise. "

"The day before it sank Estonia had also been the scene of a terrorism exercise in which the scenario was a terror bombing of the ferry. Looking at the NATO military assets that were assembled nearby and the terrorism drill that had just been conducted on the ship, the stage was clearly set and the actors were in place for what turned out to be a real disaster. Read on:"

a great piece of work

This, Anders Björkman paper, is a trully great piece of work. I'm surpirsed so little fuss has been make of it. He shows
the Bazant crap for the nonsense it really is and he articulates so well that there just isn't anything like the energy
required in the upper part to carry out the crush down......... if there ever was a crushdown.

And he has a really good reply letter to Frank Greening. A part of which I quote here;

'Are you working for the perpetrators of the controlled demolitions of WTC 1,2,7 or some agents of those? Do you think you can convince anyone with your unscientific nonsense? Why do you do it? Why not simply shut up like most other poor bastards and don't say anything'


Very interesting, but there is a non-sequitur

Mr. Björkman states:

The destruction of WTC 1, a plane colliding with a steel framed tower and what follows, is in many respects similar to a collision between two steel ships!

He is comparing the upper block hitting the lower block to a collision between two steel ships, which makes sense because in both cases the materials are the same. The phrase "a plane colliding with a steel framed tower and what follows" seems to be a non-sequitur, because the paper is not about why the upper block fell, but what happened when it did.

Other papers have been written about what happened when the planes hit, by Tomasz Wierzbicki, an MIT ship collision expert, and by Michelle Hoo Fatt, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Akron. These papers purport to account for the differing materials in each of the colliding bodies.

Here, Mr. Björkman is not discussing the subject of these papers, but is critiquing the crush-down model of Bazant which does not address the physics of the plane crashes.

By the way, as I have argued here in the past:

The physics of the plane crashes is central to NIST's theory of why the buildings began to "collapse," and also relates to the question of why people were unable to escape from the floors above the crash zones. Therefore, NIST's findings should not be taken for granted by scientists merely because crash physics questions have been raised by people who draw undesireable conclusions, particularly where NIST has shown itself capable of pushing bogus theories about the so-called "collapses."