George Galloway on CBC's "The Hour" - 3.30.2009

"The very idea that I can be seriously discussed as a terrorist, when I'm sitting under Big Ben in the British Parliament, and touring the United States... doesn't that strike people in Canada as just crazy?" - George Galloway.

The ripples of 9/11, seen here in the abuse of anti-terrorist legislation in Canada, to bar Galloway from speaking in Canada.


That George Bush -- a man who's decisions have led to the deaths of over a million people, a man who's evident participation in the crime of 911 terrorized the American population and its allies, a man who legalized torture and threw out the Geneva conventions, a man who supported Israel through some of its worst atrocities -- should be allowed to waltz into Canada and give a speech at a swanky hotel in Calgary while George Galloway is barred and labeled a "terrorist" for delivering humanitarian supplies to one of the most oppressed people on the planet -- shows that we are truly living in Bizarro world.

In our defense, the majority of Canadians voted for a party other than the "Conservatives"; they have a minority government and will most likely be given the boot in the next election. Canada has not had a stellar reputation for free speech of late but this is beyond the pale.

One wonders why the JDL, a REAL terrorist organization which has organized dozens of bombings and assassinations is permitted to run wild on Canadian soil. Evangelicals need to get it through their thick skulls that the message of Jesus is not compatible with racism and genocide.

Maybe not so crazy

Crazy? I don't know--seems to me there've been quite a few terrorists through the years who've sat under BIg Ben in the British Parliament and/or toured the United States. Doesn't seem to be a disqualifier at all.

And why is "unfair" to ask

And why is "unfair" to ask if his view doesn't represent his constituents?