The Devil's Advocate (with english subtitles)

As was posted a few days ago, Bin Laden was found not guilty by a 5 person civil jury in the Dutch TV show 'The Devil's Advocate'. Here's the show.

It's in four parts:

Thank You

thanks.... this is great ..... but they're all terrorists now that they've voted against the gov ... lol

How many people in the "jury"

Did this programme's "citizens jury" only comprise the 5 people in the jury or also the studio audience, Arie? I'm not sure. (See the end of the show.) Perhaps you should check this with the producers. In my opinion, the studio audience had a vote in the end results as well... which makes this tv programme even more powerful.

That was sort of awesome. It

That was sort of awesome. It lays out a clear and simple debunking of the Bin Laden myth for anyone struggling in explaining it to others. great find aire.