by r. andrew stokes

Growing up in the sixties, I watched many of the spy programs on television which made the life of a spy so appealing. It was daring, it was dashing, and sexually appealing. It was enough, coupled with plenty of cop shows, to nudge my ambitions toward law enforcement. As recently as 1996 I still considered a career in private investigation. I decided I did not want to make other people’s problems my own. I also cannot lead a spiritual life while simultaneously supporting the mere symptoms of those forces working against humanity.

I have had the honor of knowing people from the intelligence community, and in law enforcement. Theirs’ is a unique set of ideals, humor, and thought process. I am also keenly aware that alcoholism runs rampant in the intelligence community, due to the trappedness many of them feel. Once you’ve taken the bait, and entered FBI or CIA, there is no getting out. You know too much, and when stuck with this reality, alcohol seems to help one escape.

For some years, now, I have seen the operatives at work on the websites. It surely must be getting old to them, too, this daily lolling battle. Sometimes, reading their overall actions, there is a small note of not really believing in this. After all; who is this fight benefiting? Your higher-ups? What does it do for them? The compartmentalization of both people and agendas can never be a satisfying existence. And taken to its logical conclusion, it doesn’t benefit humanity in the long run. The days of good-guys/bad-guys have lost a lot of glimmer, and to many, no longer makes any sense. To have the courage to squarely see what the higher-ups are doing is what made you the agent you are.

My appeal to you is to simply consider walking away from a no-win game. You’re right; I have no idea what hardships this can cause. I ask not for you to joint those who question officialdom, but to breath in neutral air, take command of your own life-energy, and consider the impact of your actions to the general good of all. While it is quite true you may be catching perpetrators of some degree, questioning those who issue orders from above you may reveal the real problem. If you believe in what you do, this questioning will give you the direction you need to take your life to the God of your understanding, and heal it.

I assure you; I have done the same. I now take eternity seriously, and realize what Master I am best suited to survive with, and help others to survive.


Roy, we share the same last name.

I've often thought about the paid liars and shills and wondered how they do it.

Think of Shyam Sunder and the crew at NIST covering for the CD of WTC7.

Think of Perry Logan@OpEd!!!

Think of KOS!?!?