Sorry, but I'm now an ex-truther. I feel betrayed by the "truth" movement

While I was not initially impressed by the debunking efforts of Popular Mechanics, I was recently turned on to two sites: and

These sites go far more in technical depth than Popular Mechanics.

Also, David Ray Griffin's critique of the NIST report in "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" was thoroughly destroyed by NASA scientist Ryan Mackey.

Each and every claim of the movement is thoroughly scrutinized and debunked.

If certain claims are not debunked, they have been at the very least cast severe doubt upon.

For example, when Silverstein said to "pull it," he was not talking about the building, he was talking about the contingent of firefighters within the building.

They reveal how thermite does not cause loud bangs and explosions, and therefore the thermite theory does not support the testimony of explosions.

People don't realize that in a fire of that magnitude, you're going to have coffee machines blowing up, and microwave ovens blowing up. So of course people are going to hear explosions!

So-called "truthers" don't seem to acknowledge these points as they contravene their pet theory.

I also love how those in the so-called 9/11 "truth" brigade take ANALOGIES and turn them into ACTUALITIES. Quote from eyewitness: "It was like, a huge explosion rocked the area." LIKE an explosion, "truthers," LIKE. He's not saying that there WAS a huge explosion that took down the buildings.

I myself feel quite duped by these so-called "truthers" who take out of context the testimony of those who were there and almost died. This is absolutely shameful and despicable because these firefighters laid their lives on the line to defend us against these attacks.

So after having looked more extensively at the other side of the 9/11 inside job debate, I have to recuse myself from being such an ardent champion of this cause, when I had in the past failed to look thoroughly at what the other side had to offer because I fell into the trap of "wanting" to believe in a certain "inside job" pet theory. Happy April Fools Day everyone!!!!! and keep up the good fight. 2010 has so far been on fire with regard to the 9/11 truth ripple effect.

I was ROFL...

...and then I realized April Fools and laughed even harder (different reason though). Bravo.

Good one.

You had me at "coffee machines blowing up."
Then I realized it was a joke.
And I wanted so badly to believe the official conspiracy theory..

So in other words,

For a few lines, you were fooled. ;-)

The "coffee machines" argument has been seriously used by the old "debunker" Ron Wieck (that guy who hosts "Hardfire" and has often had Mark Roberts on as a guest). He had a truth activist on the show a few years ago and when the activist mentioned the reports of explosions, Wieck coolly and nonchalantly said, "Well sure, you've got vending machines and microwave ovens blowing up all over the place."

Thanks for the laugh, Adam.

In my experience, I have seen some, including myself, go from believing the official conspiracy theory to not believing it. I don't know of anyone, however, who has gone the other way.

You're welcome...

Ours can be an exhausting and often thankless journey; some light relief is occasionally welcome. ;-)

Actually, there was one infamous case a few years ago with a dude called "Mikey Metz" who co-founded the Albany 9/11 truth group. He claimed to have wasted a year of his life with the truth movement. Who knows, maybe he was a plant, just to disprove yours and DRG's contention that "no one" goes the other way, from disbelieving the official story to believing it. Back at the time, people here at blogger also speculated that Mikey concluded that he wouldn't be a "star" in the movement, and also that the movement's rate of progress was too slow for him, so he decided to grab his 15 minutes of movement fame by embracing the other side. But even if genuine, Metz is to my knowledge the lone solitary case, as I've never read online of any other such experiences.

Man bites dog.


Fooled? I think not!!!!

If I was fooled I would never admit it.

"Adam Syed",

your brilliant.

Adam you are an ahole

I thought I finally found someone that felt the same way I did and I was so relieved because I am so ready to give up on this 9-11 Truth bs. April Fool. Brilliant, partner!

Don't know where else to put this...

Did anyone make a copy of the PBS Tavis Smiley's "MLK: A Call to Conscience"? You can watch it at a PBS site online, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to download/copy it from the internet. But if someone is watching it tonight on a television set, it would be a great idea to record it in a reasonably high definition so a dvd could be made from it. From the Democracy Now interview on Monday, it sounds like it should have a lot of good stuff in it, and it's less than an hour long. If you get it, email me at and I'll make it into a dvd or a bittorrent.


I finally figured out how to download it and got it. So if there is interest, I'll try to share with online people who want it. Otherwise I'll be making dvd's of it and giving it to nearby people.

Yes, Please Do

I was not able to be near a TV at the time it was on and was disappointed that I could'nt see it. I too heard the interview on Monday. Also, there are a few folks (diehard Obama supporters) that would do well to hear what Smiley has to say, and I would love to be able to point them toward it.

If you get it up, could you post it as a story here in the "blogs" column? I personally feel it relevant enough to 9/11 to be there.

MLK: A Call to Conscience

The second episode of Tavis Smiley Reports examines Martin Luther King, Jr.'s stand against the Vietnam War and the influence of his legacy today. Tavis speaks with scholars and friends of King, including Cornel West, Vincent Harding and Susannah Heschel.

Absolutly brilliant!

You got me. I'll admit it

Well then

good riddance to you! :(

Looks like I successfully

Looks like I successfully April Fooled at least one person? :-)

No, sir.

It was I who April fooled you!


You devil you. ;-)

Happy April Fools Day!

Nice Work Adam! I think that my dad actually used the coffee machines and microwave ovens on me one time... I think you could have included the non sequitur about how it's so much more comforting to believe that it was an inside job and how difficult it is for some people to face reality... I love that stuff... But, Thanks! and well done!


I figured it must be an April Fools joke as I read your name, Adam.

You know about explosive nanothermite -- something the debunkers shy away from.

I would have been very sad to see you go and leave the fray...

(Pls see my post today regarding the reexamination of the WTC dust by "them"... quite an urgent concern/opportunity for the truth community.)

Thanks, I appreciate that. :-)

And yes, the "debunker" arguments, at this point, are very 2006. "No reputable engineers support the movement" etc. Back before all of the fill-in-the-blank-for-911-truth groups formed, and the popular movement was defined almost exclusively by the ripple effect of Loose Change 2E, the "debunkers" seemed temporarily to have more credibility as they were able to paint the movement as being founded by "kids" making a film with a laptop.

And you're right, "debunkers" don't like to mention nanothermite because it is indeed an explosive and not a mere incendiary device.

I know I'm a few days late, but...

...I too am now an ex-truther. I never thought of the explosive power of Mr Coffee machines. Just imagine. At least 2 Mr. Coffee machines on each of 110 floors, (one regular, one decaf). That's 220 Mr. Coffees exploding with mind-boggling force. Those towers just didn't stand a chance of remaining upright in the fire-storm of detonating Mr. Coffees.

WTC got creamed!

Let us not forget, when the pressure builds inside those little plastic non-dairy creamers, they really pack a wallop when they explode, too. Not too mention that the powdered version, (which incidentally contains nanosized particles of synthetic incendiary cream kernels, aka SICK) self-ignites in the presence of airborne coffee.

You got me, too.

Clearly, I'm a literalist who needs to lighten up more.

But, part of the problem for me is that I honestly don't know what date (or the day of the week!) it is in any given week, month, or year.

Time is totally a human contruct. If you haven't before, think about it.

So, since it really doesn't exist, I figure, why bother with it if/when I can get away without it.

Thankfully, in my life today, that's most of the "time."

Yup, you had me going, Adam. I was sorry to see you go.