1st Italian International Conference on 9/11

9/11 Global Deceit

Nature and Meaning of September 11th

First Italian International Conference on the events of September 11th,

Bologna, Teatro Arena del Sole
Sunday 17th September 2006
from 14.00 to 23.00

Five years after September 11th 2001, the real criminal nature of the WTC
and Pentagon attacks has finally been made clear, as has the culpability of
the Bush Administration in orchestrating those dramatic events.

Thanks to dedicated research activities by an increasing number of
scholars—Americans and others—the truth concerning the tragedy of New
York has definitively surfaced. Staged by the financiers and giant firms
behind the American Government, September 11th emerges as a consciously
fabricated event concocted on political grounds and aimed at the
implementation of a strategic, geopolitical agenda for the realization of
a new empire.

This New Pearl Harbor on American soil was devised and clinically
executed precisely with this goal in mind. However, the accountability and
responsibility of individual officials and political forces can now be
demonstrated. The first Italian Conference on September 11th – in
Bologna, September 17th 2006, at the Teatro Arena del Sole – promises
new revelations and a detailed account as to how and why such crimes were
perpetrated by the American political élite and individuals in high
office, people who are still dominating our planet.



Introduction by Emanuele Montagna (writer and essayist, member of
Faremondo group)



Stage play on September 11th. Stage manager: Gabriele Ciampichetti
(member of Faremondo group)


Opening speech by Franco Soldani (essayist, member of Faremondo group) and
Roberto Di Marco (essayist and novelist, member of Faremondo group)


The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Revealing its Lies
Speech by Prof. David Ray Griffin, author of the books The new Pearl
Harbor. Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 and
The 9/11 Commission Report. Omissions and Distortions


Giulietto Chiesa (Euro-MP, journalist, chairman of Megachip) and Webster
Griffin Tarpley (researcher and journalist, author of the book 9/11
Synthetic Terror: Made in Usa) comment upon D. R. Griffin's speech


Giulietto Chiesa and Webster Griffin Tarpley talk about the nature and
meaning of 9/11




Massimo Mazzucco (editor of www.luogocomune.net, producer of the video: 11
settembre 2001. Inganno globale) and Maurizio Blondet (manager of
www.effedieffe.com, author of the books 11 Settembre: colpo di stato in
USA and Israele, Usa, il terrorismo islamico) introduce the


Video-conference: Prof. Steven E. Jones, physicist at Brigham Young
University in Provo (Utah), co-founder of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Society and author of the essay Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings


The September 11th Attack: a staged event to create anger towards Arabs

Video-conference: Eric Hufschmid, researcher, author of the book Painful
Questions. An Analysis of the September 11th Attack, and editor of the
video Painful Deceptions.




D. R. Griffin, G. Chiesa, W. G. Tarpley, S. E. Jones, E. Hufschmid, M.
Mazzucco, M. Blondet and R. Di Marco debate with the audience.
F. Soldani and E. Montagna moderate the discussion.

Thermite at wtc

There are no REASONABLE explanations for the molten metal at the world trade center 6 weeks after 9-11 if you subscribe to the government explanation. It is impossible for jet fuel to melt steel no matter how long it's exposed to jet fuel fire. If there is no way jet fuel can melt steel then how is it possible for steel to continue to be melted and yellow hot 6 weeks later? Professor Steven Jones has an explanation:
Don't be side track by explanations that are not based on facts and not based on physics and material science when considering the molten metal at wtc issue.

Hear Hear!

Thank you! I second the motion about "facts" (reliable data that can be verified or falsified by the experimental method) and the laws of physical and material science (which can be verified or falsified by the experimental method).
Here's one to try at home. A lit cigarette is not hot enought to ignite gasoline! (Try it and see!)
Pour a small amount of gasoline into a suitable container.
Reseal and move a considerable distance away the larger container of fuel.
Step back a reasonable distance and light a cig (A flame used to light the cig IS hot enough to ignite gas!).
Extinguish the flame (If one was used. ((It could have been a vehicular cigarette lighter, two two sticks rubbed together, etc.))).
Put the lit end of the cig into the small container of gas.
It will hiss and be extinguished.
A lit cigarette is not hot enough to ingnite gas.
Jet fuel, especially in a diffuse, oxygen starved flame, (such as those found at the WTC on 9/11/01) can not melt steel.
(You can try that one at home too! Just go to the junk yard and the filling station for the materials. Just be careful :-)
This has been a brief introduction to the experimental method and a vote of support for rational thinking.

No evidence

No evidence of molten metal has yet been provided and it would be immaterial anyway.

Thermite and thermate could not cause it either. They are incendiaries and not explosives. Also, Jones failed to tell you that both thermate and thermite have to be on horizontal surfaces to allow time to burn through steel. Both flow very fast and could not stay in any spot on vertical surfaces long enough to burn through. The horizontal steel beams were encased in concrete which makes the thermite/thermate theory implausible.

This is just one of the many facts that Stephen Jones refuses to reveal.

This is the perfect example

This is the perfect example of an ignorant obnoxious idiot. No proof of molten steel? Look at the video provided (you moron) and there's many pictures of of steel glowing red and yellow 6 WEEKS AFTER 911!!!
Then this retard says thermite can only be used horizontally? Look at the video and you see what a mindless moron this guy really is, there are pictures at the end showing thermite being applied by professionsl demolition teams NOT on a horizontal beam as well as a graphic from the history channel on building demolitions showing the same thing. THIS IDIOT CALIMS NO EVIDENCE BECAUSE HE HAS NO INTELLIGENCE, HE WASN'T EVEN SMART ENOUGH TO WATCH THE PRESENTATION BEFORE SPEWING HIS STUPIDITY!!
Stick to the facts, this loser doesn't have any even when they're spoon fed to him.

Without going into the presence of molten metal at WTC

because you're not worth very much of my time, I will simply point out that it is precisely because these substances are incendiaries and not explosives that persistent molten or glowing-hot metal could be generated.

Not true, when sulfer is

Not true, when sulfer is added to thermite it becomes thermate and goes from an incendiary to an explosive, once again this was pointed out by Professor Jones in the video. Thermate burns much faster and hotter than thermite. Thanks for proving that your time is not only not worth much, it's detrimental to any one seeking facts and knowledge. Again, all this was pointed out in the link provided, so any one wanting to check your lack of credibility just needs to start by viewing the provided link. Keep repeating the same falsehoods and I'll keep exposing you as ignorant without the real facts.

so your say an explosive

so your say an explosive cannot produce molten metal? So a termonuclear explosion could not produce molten metal because it's an explosive? An incindiary can't be an explosive? An explosive can't be an incindiary? you're not going to convince any body with an argument like that.

Notice this loser had plenty

Notice this loser had plenty of time to spew his blatent lies, but when exposed he has no time to check out the facts and acknowledge the truth. Notice how this liar doesn't acknowledge his statement "Jones failed to tell you that both thermate and thermite have to be on horizontal surfaces to allow time to burn through steel" is a total lie and completely slanderous to some ome who is only trying to get to the truth, proven by the video clip supplied. No this scum just sticks to his lies even when exposed. casseia is nothing but a self indulging hypocritical piece of lieing slandering trash. If he wasn't trash he'd acknowledge that he was wrong instead of ignoring that his lies were exposed.

blame the FAA as usual.....

Agency wants FAA execs disciplined over 9-11

Reuters | September 2 2006

The U.S. Transportation Department's inspector general has urged the FAA to consider disciplining two executives who failed to correct false information provided to the commission that investigated the September 11 attacks, the New York Times reported on Saturday.


9/11 the official story is

9/11 the official story is the biggest conspiracy

by Barry Zwicker

Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” According to Toronto writer
Barrie Zwicker, this is the sorry truth about the officially accepted version of September 11, 2001, which he dissects in his new book Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11.

As a media critic, Zwicker’s credentials are impeccable: in addition to his commentaries on CBC Radio and Vision TV, he has worked for the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail, and taught
journalism at Ryerson University for seven years.


(Zwicker plugs 911blogger.com in this story. sorry if its old.)

Take Back 9/11

Let's take back America from

Let's take back America from the hands of the tyrants and the axis of evil that control this country!

The truth of 9/11 does not

The truth of 9/11 does not shock Italians as much as the people of the USA. They know false flag terrorism at the hands of the CIA: just google Operation Gladio, or ask them about the 1980 Bologna train bombing (just around the corner from the conference), or perhaps even the 1978 murder of prime minister Aldo Moro.

'What goes around comes around.'

check out history parts 1,

check out history parts 1, 2, 3 at:
and you'll be reminded of many false flag operations through out history. War mongering social engineers using Problem-Reaction-Solution to push through a political agenda.

Debunker debunked

Look, there is a very easy, simple way if you want us all to go home, and lay these conspiracy "theories" to rest.

Release all the video footage of the aeroplane hitting the pentagon. Release the footage that was taken from the gas station.


If we cannot believe the authorites on this matter, any wonder we're sceptical on the towers' demolition/collapse?

Won't work

We know that won't work since when the video of AA 11 hitting Tower 1 in NYC was relaeased the very next day, you all claimed it was staged, part of the conspiracy, faked video, and planes were holograms.

The best way for the conspiracies to go away is to question those who promote them rather than accepting them at face value.

A Losers Argument - Attack

A Losers Argument - Attack the straw man:
"you all claimed it was staged, part of the conspiracy, faked video, and planes were holograms."
This is how a loser with no facts approaches 9-11. Most people never claimed that it wasn't planes that hit the wtc. So this loser shows just what an uncredible idiot he really is with that one statement. Notice how this loser doesn't address wtc 7 falling at free fall speed. That's because it is impossible for a 47 story building to fall at free fall speed without demolition. Physics proves demolition, demolition proves inside job!! Show me any evidence of a building falling at free fall speed and landing on its own foot print without demolition. No one will because it's not possible without rewriting every physics book in print. That's why losers like this will never investigate or explain wtc 7 falling at free fall speed. Again, notice this loser offers no facts and tries to sidetrack the discussion onto hologram planes. wtc 7 fell 100 meters in 4.5 sec. that's a fact. Free fall speed for 100 meters (from an object that starts at rest) is 4.5 sec. that's a fast. This is only possible if crushing the supporting columns offered NO RESISTANCE to and NO LOSS OF ENERGY from the falling buiolding. That's a fact and that's impossible which is another FACT OF PHYSICS. Take your loser argument to fox news where you'll be welcomed, here you'll only be exposed as the lying fraud that you are.

Quote: Show me any evidence

Quote: Show me any evidence of a building falling at free fall speed and landing on its own foot print without demolition. No one will because it's not possible without rewriting every physics book in print.

Excuse me but even if you rewrite all your physics books in this universe, it still can't happen. =)

none of these address the

none of these address the real issue which is that wtc 7 fell at free fall speed. That could only happen if breaking and crushing all the support columns required no energy and offered no resistance to the falling structure. That is only possible from a demolition or in the mind of an uninformed government worshiping propaganda loving fool that either does not know or completely ignores physics. (aka you)

In Good Science and 9-11

In Good Science and 9-11 Demolition Theories

There's is a purported link to an article by a demolition authority that have information that is alleged to have the ability to end any credulity to the demolition theory. The author mentions that the article is based largely off information on it.

I think I may be qualified even though the article is said to be meant for non-technical audience only and would like to examine it in detail. BUt the link dont work. Does the article exist or does it not?

It is supposed to be: www.implosionworld.com/WTC%20COLLAPSE%20STUDY%20BBlanchard%208-8-06.pdf.

In "Good Science and 9-11 Demolition Theories", very little science is demostrated when addressing claims by the "counter orthodoxy". Lots of credence is given to quotes by others..... where is the good science? Science is applying scientific laws and principles. What an eye-witness says or not does not contribute anything to the science of the collapse since most (if not all) eyewitness were not collecting data scientifically at that time. Eyewitness accounts can only be used to gather very rough picture of what had happened, not the details.

I was expecting a scientific refutation of the collapse theory. Instead I get unsubstantiated eyewitness quotes, quotes from "experts" without any data points. No error estimation. No offer of alternative explanations to address the points raised if the author felt that the demolition claim was not correct.

Is that good science?

I will not waste my time with the other links.

In Good Science and 9-11 Now

In Good Science and 9-11

Now for a personal attack the "orthodoxy" is always keen on using:
The author is apparently trained in visual arts and not engineering. So by extrapolation using their arguments when attacking the "counter orthodoxy", the whole article is nonsense because no non-engineer cannot make any sense of what happened on the tower collapse because they were not demolition-trained, engineering PHDs can they?

But seriously, a point the author raised "I want to add a hypothesis that may yet explain the high temperatures, and would need to be disproved by the CD theorists: that some of the aluminium in the planes was ignited on impact. I return to this issue later on."

This clearly shows the non-scientific background of the author who purports to use science when analysing the collasp. Aluminium is a non-combustable, non-incenary metal that does not combust on impact. Unless God or Allah wills it otherwise, aluminium plane body will not spontaneously combust. Just goes to show the crazies out there..... But wait..... It just might happen because the Muslim hijackers did suspend the laws of physics on that day. Allah might just have caused to aluminium to burst into flames and contributed to the high temperatures needed to melt steel.

9/11 WTC

I'm just wondering. Magnesium burns at 5400 Degrees Farenheit, and Aluminum creats a white flash when lit. Could the flash that occurs at impact with the WTC just the Aluminum sparking from impact? And the Magnesium could have caught fire too due to a combination of friction, heat from fires, compression. Both of these materials are present in a Passanger Airliner. Still doesn't explain WTC-7 though. Just being critical and following every possibility.

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