9/11 Lecture to Bring BBC to Madison?

9/11 Lecture to Bring BBC to Madison?

A Sunday, October 1st lecture by Scholars for 9/11 Truth members James Fetzer and Kevin Barrett, "9/11: Folklore and Fact" is expected to draw coverage by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Dr. Kevin Barrett will present an opening discussion entitled "A Folklorist Looks at 9/11 'Conspiracy Theories'" followed by Dr. Jim Fetzer's lecture "9/11: What We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then." The BBC plans to be in Madison for a story on Scholars for 9/11 Truth (st911.org) and has expressed interest in covering the event. Fetzer, an expert in cognitive science and philosophy, maintains the Scholar's website at http://st911.org. Barrett, an Arabist-Islamologist and Folklorist, is the founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth at http://mujca.com.

Between presentations, Dr. Fetzer will present a check for $8,472 to the University on behalf of Veterans for 9/11 Truth, which has raised the money to offset funds withheld by the Ozaukee County Board in protest of the University´s employment of Dr. Barrett.

The lecture is scheduled from 2:00pm - 4:30pm at a University of Wisconsin-Madison campus location to be announced--check http://www.st911.org. This event is sponsored by Scholars For 9/11 Truth ( http://www.st911.org), the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth ( http://www.mujca.com) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Folklore Program, and is free and open to the public.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a non-partisan society of students, faculty and experts dedicated to exposing falsehoods and revealing truths about 9/11, includes physicists, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, pilots, and aeronautical engineers among its members.

That news made my weekend...

" check for $8,472 to the University on behalf of Veterans for 9/11 Truth". Heartwarming, inspirational and re-energizing. Fantastic news. Bravo, Veterans for 9/11 Truth!

9/11, anthrax, and the Iraq war: Some interesting points...

9/11, anthrax, and the Iraq war: Some very interesting points... http://www.opendemocracy.net/democracy-americanpower/anthrax_3916.jsp

BBC " Probe into 'Bin Laden death' leak "


I saw that article. Small problem. Big Bin has been dead since the beginning of 2002.

They should invite J.R. Dunn

Dunn gave Fetzer such a spanking in that American Thinker article, I'm surprised that fetzer hasn't been humiliated into silence. Perhaps you conspiradroids are immune to humiliation?


Perhaps you conspiradroids are immune to humiliation?

Ya, Just like you nut bags are immune to the truth.


if you believe being attacked by mindless drivel equals humiliation.

get a life

ignorance is bliss, conspiracy smasher.

Dunn demolished Fetzer and exposed the 911 "truth" movement as a

Dunn demolished Fetzer and exposed the 911 "truth" movement as a BIG LIE. Dunn was the turning point for me and I'll now be much more careful to read BOTH sides of the argument. I was suckered by the "911 Scholars."

"suckered by the "911 Scholars."

No you weren't Mark. You were suckered by Dunn. The truth about 9/11 is self-evident. Don't get caught up in the personality thing. Research 9/11 yourself. See what you come up with.

Fetzer is a fraud. I browsed

Fetzer is a fraud. I browsed that American Thinker article, and Fetzer's first main point of rebuttle was lying about the Pentagon impact damage -- as usual. lol What a fraud.

Anyway, Conspiracy Smasher, have you seen 9/11: Press For Truth? You can read about it in my blog entry from today.

I wonder, oh I wonder, can you smash 9/11: Press For Truth?

lol Doubt it!

What do these swamp rats come from?

Anyone who actually studied my exchange with JR Dunn, whic h is archived on st911.org, would know that he was exposed as a charlatan and a fraud. If you doubt it, try reading it through.

The event in Madison next Sunday is sensational for at least three reasons: (1) it will be held on the campus, (2) the check will be presented to UW-M, and (3) the BBC is planning to cover it.

If Kevin Barrett and I are out to subvert the 9/11 truth movement, we are doing a pretty poor job of it, because efforts our are bringing more and more public attention to the truth movememt.

exposing Jim Fetzer as a fraud

"Fetzer: "What do these swamp rats come from?"

I don't know who Conspiracy Smasher is, but if that was also directed at me since I rightly called you a fraud, Fetzer, then that isn't saying much coming from a fat Jabba The Hut looking liar.

From the AmericanThinker website

Fetzer: "A photograph of the initial point of impact, before the upper floors collapsed, is archived here."

Pretty convenient how that photo is a purposely, deceptively CROPPED version of the original photograph, with the center and right-side of the actual fuselage impact hole completely cut-out of that picture.

Here's the uncropped version of that picture.

I expect that you'll only present that uncropped version from now on.

Here's the left-wing engine impact zone that was completely smashed through -- to the LEFT of the LARGE main fuselage impact zone -- being held up by temporary wood supports and steel supports.

I expect that you'll only present that version from now on.

From the AmericanThinker website

Fetzer: "The opening appears to be about 10 feet high and roughly 16 or 17 feet wide, or not much larger than the double-doors on a mansion. It is rather difficult to see how a Boeing 757 could have fit through that hole."

This is a close-up of the main fuselage impact hole. Take notice that since this is a close-up picture, the whole left-wing engine impact zone in the above pictures (that you lie to try and pass off as the whole entry zone location of whatever you claim hit the Pentagon -- other than the actual 757 that hit the Pentagon), isn't even visible in this picture of the main fuselage impact hole. The fuselage impact hole is at least 15 feet high, and at least 15 feet across, without even touching the "10 feet high and roughly 16 or 17 feet wide" left-wing engine impact zone. Click this picture link. I dare you.

I expect that you'll only present that version from now on.

And take a good look at this picture too.

Jim Fetzer, you DON'T speak for me!

ps. See this related Blog entry.

a charlatan and a fraud

Interesting what people will work themselves up to saying when they think you're not around, ain't it?

This will serve notice that I will meet any 9/11 denier at any venue, in any setting, under any circumstances, and I will put them on deck the same way I did the Professor Emeritus. Deal with that.

-- JR Dunn

"The problem with the modern world is that stupidity has begun to think."
-- Cocteau

More Appropriate Quote

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt. ~ Bertrand Russell

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fetzer and barrett are

fetzer and barrett are disinfo----

they are designed to do little things to try to get loyalty from people in the 911truth movement---

then they are publicly humiliated in the fake msm----

Dr. Steven Jones

I've been away for awhile - what's up with Steven Jones? Any links?


I don't believe the official 911story. It is starting to be really hard to be called a paranoid conspiracy type.

If I showed up at the lecture could some of the people who could debunk me and my theories show up too? I would really like to get past all this and have us all agreed.