More Photos from 9/11

Interesting photos... Could

Interesting photos...

Could you guys post this? The 9/11 Trivia Thread

I think it's a great educational tool... and fun... thanks!

Hi Somebigguy, Nice job

Hi Somebigguy,
Nice job with the photos. I see you shared some of my photos with other 911 websites. A friend emailed me he saw my photos of the airplane parts on Physics911. Who knows, maybe someone can positively identify the parts and what size airplane they really came from.
Still working on those other photos! Hopefully tomorrow! Thanks Louie

Very nice, thanks Louie!!

Very nice, thanks Louie!!

Hey Louie, we had quite a

Hey Louie, we had quite a lot of interest in your photos so I had to email all over the place. Thanks for sharing them!!!

Great Somebigguy, I'm glad

Great Somebigguy, I'm glad there was a lot of interest in the photos. You can share them with anyone you like!

Well here's a link to Glass, Steel, and Stone "World of Architecture", if you found my photos here interesting!

The site has four slideshows of my Ground Zero photos. Just click on any one of the titles:

Some of the photos in the Glass, Steel, and Stone slideshows have toured the world with the "September 11, Photo Project" and "Here Is New York" collection. My entire photo collection is permenantly archived with the Library of Congress!