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Complete Withdrawal of Support by Richard Gage, AIA, for CIT’s "National Security Alert"

February 8, 2011

In early 2009, I watched the “National Security Alert” video by the Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) where recollections of 10 eyewitness accounts of the attack on the Pentagon were presented (of many more that were interviewed). These accounts included the witnesses’ recollection of the path being taken by the plane prior to impact. The path that many of them recalled was to the north of the former CITGO gas station. Based on these few accounts CIT presented its case that the plane flew over the Pentagon since the damage trail was not consistent with the north path.

JREF Forum posts: "Comprehensive characteristics of the pseudoskeptic"

Here is the excellent post on the JREF forum (Feb 6th) that actually exposes all of their 9/11 Debunking tactics in one convenient tidy package - from their own master. It can be seen as the bible of the true skeptic - by the ultimate skeptic, Proff Truzi. Use this to expose the debunkers with their own "Comprehensive characteristics of the pseudoskeptic and the skeptic". (I have added the numbers for your future use). Use it liberally!

(Thanks go to Dan Noel)


Comprehensive characteristics of the pseudoskeptic and the skeptic
I have noticed that there appears to be two main types of skeptics. One an admirable role, one quite the opposite.

Therefore we have a skeptic, and a pseudoskeptic.

Points courtesy of Proff Truzi,

Characteristics of a pseudoskeptic:

1. The tendency to deny, rather than doubt.
2. Double standards in the application of criticism.
3. The making of judgments without full inquiry.
4. Tendency to discredit, rather than investigate.
5. Use of ridicule or ad hominem attacks in lieu of arguments.
6. Pejorative labeling of proponents as 'promoters', 'pseudoscientists' or practitioners of 'pathological science. Will Verify All Architecture and Engineering Members

We have sustain trouble from spammers on posing as Architects or Engineers, and I regret that I was out of town on a whirlwind speaking tour in Winnipeg and therefore couldn't have fixed the problem before imposters were posted on our site. Of course we should have verified these names prior to displaying them and we take responsibility for this oversight in the rush to get our website published. We will now be verifying the credentials of all architectural and engineering professionals who request to join us in calling upon Congress for a new investigation prior to displaying them on the website. This will take us a few days since there have been over a hundred new requests for membership. Our verified count is 44 A/E's and we expect to verify another 30 at least within a few days.

Thank you for the hundreds of emails supporting our effort!

Richard Gage, AIA

Fireman discusses Molten metal: Need a .avi, .wmv, or .mpg file

Could someone send me a source (other than Google Video or Youtube) so I can download the Fireman discussing the flowing molten metal? It could be an .avi, .wmv, or .mpg file. Need it for my PPT presentation.