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NBC News wonders where 9/11 debris went

I just caught the tail end of the ad for it, but it looks like NBC news at 11:00 tonight will be investigating what happened to all the debris from the World Trade Center. Might be worth a look and if someone can tape it and post it here, all the better!

Should be on in about 5 minutes!

EDIT: Ummmm, OK, maybe not tonight! The only part of the ad I missed was when the piece was going to be on. Maybe this week, then...

Scholastic pulls "Path to 9/11" Children's Guide!

Publisher backs down amidst ABC controversy:

Here's all that's left of the original guide that was to be published that I could find. Definitely points to the Clinton Admin...

Using statistical probability to PROVE 9/11 was a hoax

Considering the importance of PROOF in matters regarding 9/11 conspiracy, I wonder if it would be worth our while to compile a mathematical argument based on the statistical probability of the key events related to the September 11th attacks?

I've searched the web for such studies and have found very little that has been attempted.

Consider some of the key events: three towers collapsing in the same perfect fashion, the lack of NORAD air support, the perfection of the skills required to fly into the Pentagon, the put options on AA and United, Silverstein's insurance claim, etc. If we could put our heads together and examine the likelihood of these events, we undoubtedly would come up with some astronomical odds, far beyond chances of winning lotteries and such.

And then we could take it one step further – we could take a look at the probability of the government lying to us. The probability that this could have been another false flag operation. The probability that oil could have driven decisions such as these. And the probability that the main stream media is aiding in the cover up. With enough relative data gathered to show that all these have happened before (i.e. Operation Northwoods, the Manhatten Project, etc.), the statistical probability of these events would be much, much greater.