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911 truth grows in Georgia - 2 new sites!

911 truth is alive and growing in Georgia with 2 new great websites!

We are proud to announce the inaugural version of the Atlanta 911 Truth website,

The Atlanta 911 truth group is hosting Dr. Bowman on August 8th, details are being worked out.
We also welcome Jack Blood to Atlanta, and look forward to working with him in th Future!
Jack has graciously agreed to MC the Dr. Bowman event and we are gratefull to have such great and honorable folks in the Atlanta 911 truth group!

Please visit and tell others about it.

Also, a new STATEWIDE site has been created to bring the entire
state together for 911 truth!

The Atlanta 911 truth group has some upcomming events you won't want to miss, like this:


When: Tuesday, May 29 at 8:00PM

Where: Push Push Theater
121 New Street #4
Atlanta GA 30318

If you live in Georgia and have a local 911 truth group or want to start one, please let us know about it - we will be glad to help!

"Together We Are Unstoppable!" introduces, with direction from Webster Tarpley, has created a new website dedicated to the concept of 911 truth squads to take the message of 911 truth to political campaigns and public events called The site will have information on how to create your own 911 truth squads, and we welcome any input or comments.

Together, we are truly unstoppable!!!

Let's all get active before we all get radioactive....