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Shattering World Views

This is a piece intended to try and pry open 911 truth deniers by showing that our worldview has evolved greatly over time, and how did our world view evolve? using science. Any constructive comments are welcome.

Shattering World Views
Throughout history, humans have created their own worldview or a belief system which provided a sense of existence in our world. In simple terms, this worldview provided a framework for why they were here and why the world around them appeared as it did. This worldview has been passed down from generation to generation without much thought or reflection. The creation of organized religions is an excellent example of creating a worldview to explain our existence. People were taught their local cultural and religious worldview, and these views changed little, if at all over time. The social norm was to accept these worldviews without question; the local worldview was accepted as truth.

Pentagon C-Ring Exit Hole Mystery

Note: This was originally posted on Scholars for 911 Truth, but since that site is down, I am reposting it here (it was originally posted in 2006). I owe much gratitude to Russell Pickering (of site is now down, links active) for critiques, input, and encouragement.

Pentagon C Ring Exit Hole Mystery

Detailed below is a revised write up [from “A Boeing 757 did not hit the Pentagon”] regarding the unexplained Pentagon C-ring exit hole. I have received valuable feedback on my previous write up, from many 911 researchers. I have included numerous clarifications and details, and have directly addressed some of the main stream media explanations regarding the C-Ring Exit Hole.

911 Problem Solving

2+2 Really Does = 4

By now, most Americans have heard something related to people questioning the official account of 911. Separating what is known, and unknown about 911 is not really as difficult as many people would think. There are many aspects of 911, most notably the collapse of WTC 1, 2, and 7, that can be looked at from purely a physics and engineering perspective, free of conjecture about what the media, or what our government is capable of. Looking at 911 from a purely technical perspective allows us to strip away preconceived notions, conjecture, and speculation. There is a great deal of physical evidence that can be analyzed, and very strong conclusions can be made. From this basis, interested citizens can form the foundation to understand what did, or did not happen, on that horrible day.