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Op-Ed News to marginalize 9/11 Truth

In case anyone here has not been following the developments this week at OEN, a large scale purging of the members most vocal about 9/11 has occurred and Rob Kall himself has stated that Truth will now be considered an 'edge' issue. I guess the hypocritcal Mr Kall has gotten what he wanted, using Truthers to inflate his site stats to the point he'd be recognized by the MSM befofe dumping them so he doesn't look like a 'kook'.

Another Foreknowledge Smoking Gun?

I came across this video tonight and don’t remember seeing it discussed on here before.

There are two things I find most interesting about this (not counting the troll who keeps talking up the insulation crap in the comments). First is the idea that in the middle of a “terrorist attack” no one foresaw, or so they say, the WTC is updating it’s website live. I would think they would have had better things to do. The second is that unless the announcers have got it wrong the website is putting out deliberate mis-info as can be confirmed by any of the quotes regarding the construction of the towers.

Like so much ‘evidence’ I realize this may be a case of seeing what we want. Anyway, love to hear what everyone thinks (unless this has been discussed before in which case, never mind).