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San Diego Hopes 9/11 Grand Jury Indictments Might Some Day Be Made

The only result from a grand jury experiment that took place in San Diego on April 14, 2007, is this serious and sincere warning:

The grand jury system is vulnerable, and can be abused. Its future application to 9/11 crimes needs to be wisely managed and very carefully watched by conscientious people or 9/11 justice may never be achieved.

Although a number of procedural problems prevented the people who volunteered to act as jurors at the April 14 event from ever working together to come to conclusions and issue indictments, they say a grand jury may some day be able to do so.

More than half the original volunteers dissociated themselves from the event on or shortly after April 14. Even so, at least eleven out of eleven of them have expressed in writing their very strong desire to publicly correct false reports that a citizens’ grand jury in San Diego indicted or charged people with 9/11 crimes.