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Democracy Is On Its Way Home..

The Democracy of America Is On It's Way Home!
by Sharon Jenson

98% of reason is unconscious. The Democratic Party has always been honest enough to believe that if you present the facts, the American public will reasonably, logically see the sense in their ideals. The Republican party does not waste time presenting honest fact to the American public. They instead use simplified sound bytes and verbiage that appeal to and can be easily recognized by simple and sometimes vacant minds. Therefore, the American public must work harder to concentrate on logic and ignore their natural tendency to be somewhat lazy. They must remember reason and logic are unconscious. Corporations have researched this theory for years with help from psychological professors who have studied the brain and clever advertising. Corporations have invested in various levels of expertise and adjusted their marketing strategies accordingly. It is also important to note that six major media networks are owned by private corporations now and their reporting may be skewed.